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     When God Speaks --Rose Listens!

                   This story is a sad one, however, the lesson was real!

 I must learn to 'Listen' --or suffer the consequences --AGAIN!


I had a magnificent th. mare who was extremely well bred for the racetrack, however, my relocating did not give me the opportunity to really do anything with her.  I heard the words --'Pat Day' and I heard them later --two more times.


 Who is Pat Day?  Why do I hear his name? 


That day came --when I was somehow guided to watch the last part of the Preakness.  WHO WON?  'Pat Day'. In his interview he was asked 'HOW HE did so well after so many issues in the past with substance abuse?'  He said --right there--"I OWE IT ALL to my LORD AND SAVIOR --JESUS CHRIST"!  I was SHOCKED!  I KNEW THIS WAS GOD'S WORK!  I knew that God was telling me to give my mare to Pat Day, even for breeding.  


My ego would not allow me to do that.  Bella was mine!  I had to just hold on to her for another time, if and when things would be better with the better facility for our work..


But --not long after, the day came when she colliced and got cast in the stall. I got her up, called the vet, and walked her.  WE were both traumatized by all this. The vet later declared she had a twisted gut and needed an operation, which I could never afford.  After the vet left and Bella seemed quiet after her medications, I stood by the stall door watching her --hoping for the best.  --BAM! --It was THAT QUICK!  It was as if she were struck with a HUGE IRON FLY-SWATTER!  BAM!  She was HIT from her right side and was THROWN to the ground --DEAD!  I screamed out, and wept what seemed like buckets of tears, knowing I was told to do aomething --and I just refused!  I still cry over that decision.  I could have also been struck down --but I was standing outside the stall door, not at her side like I wanted to be.  For some reason, I was spared!  Did I learn what I was supposed to learn?


Since then --I have been told to do some difficult things, and I DID THEM!   


In 2000, I was told to document the program. I knew this meant I would have to leave ALL of my 22 home raised horses, that would break my heart, since no one knew how to do this work.  I KNEW I HAD TO DO THIS.  Somehow all the horses also knew that I had to leave them.  It was time for them to now go to 'people college' --to find out how normal people really are.  I have protected them long enough!  ---This is now 2016!  NOW WHAT?  I BEG TO KNOW!

Rose left in 2000.  What happened then?

I knew things were difficult, and I had a lot of decisions to make.  Interest was definitly there, and a few have even tried to copy our work --but they didn't know HOW-TO do what we have been doing.  That was quite obvious.  I had papers missing from a book I loaned to one of the therapists, with photos and Day Pages.  Later saw some pages were missing --GONE!  After being interviewed with Human Services in York Pa. someone called me to discuss concepts, since they were previously turned down by millionaires in California --due to NOT having a better concept!  So they visited, and I gave them a better one, and they got their funding from York County --but NOT in the best location or situstion. I would NEVER have placed their boy's at risk facility project where they did. It was WRONG! This was in 2003.

I was also later directed to work with another establishment that again would be worth millions --but when I met them,

God just put up a huge wall between us, and I knew --NOT TO DO THAT --so I refused!  

I knew that God was behind everything I was doing, so I kept up with what I was told to do --for certain!


I never wanted anything as bad as what happened to Bella --to ever happen again --to them --or myself

--so I've struggled to continue --day by day!

Everything I have been confronted with --has been a challenge and we've conquered,them all.


 Today in May 1, 2016 and everything is finally coming together with a new computer/printer and proper updated web-editing program that also will work with the new SMART PHONES. Things in this world have really moved faster than my brain could comprehend --while trying to pull this project together, trying to document!  Many of the programs I started with, that I had to learn --were now becoming obsolete!  

NOW web pages have to be properly seen on SMART PHONES.  How could I have done all that too?  That would have meant I totally lost everything --until I was directed to this program I am using now.


Hardship places us in situations where we MUST LEARN!  NEVER forget that!


Neither can COMMON SENSE --or WISDOM!


After I finish THIS JOB --the rest is all up to My God.

 We will see what happens next!  It will for SURE BE BY -GOD"S WILL!  



'Rose at the Barn' --Foreman

When going through our issues in 2012 with the IRS etc etc, I decided to make up my own personal LOGO:

 NOTICE there is tremendous fertilizer that is making that rose come to

FULL BLOOM!  Will that be the case for me?  We will see won't we?

 AGAIN --It's God's WILL --BE DONE!

Here it is: 

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