To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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South Central Pennsylvannia

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near Chambersburg, Pa.


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          WHO IS Rose Foreman?

       Known as 'Rose at the Barn'

Tons of Life Experience --to help you with our 5-WAY-WIN! FOR OUR 5-WAY-WIN!

WHO IS ---Rose Foreman --other than the founder?

Rose’s Goal:  To improve lives (horse and human) by increasing awareness through higher consciousness, spirituality, deepening perceptions, encouraging non-abusive behavior --for purely humanitarian purposes.

 Intensions:  1.)  Program Creation & Documentation --of all STQH Programs and Workbooks.  2.)  Overseer --for the future and quality assurance of our programs, until qualified persons can assume the duties. (RMF will still oversee)  3.)  Faith, Belief, and Works shown by seed time donated with compensation-in-kind.   4.)  Promoting Stress reduction through awareness and reduction of symptoms as a Grass-Roots Program.  5.)  Non-Conformist Searching for better solutions or new ways --missing and needed. 6.)  Staying on the cutting edge --through continuous study and teachings.  7.)  Teacher and Mentor 8.)  Quality Control of program content, facility, safety, and quality      care -for both human and animal.

     Rose is Spirit-Filledalways seeking higher Universal, Natural Laws for understanding,

and sensitivity due to her Near Death Experience at age 17.  Interested in animal communication, ST Quantum physics, behavior modification,

detoxing undesirables, such as the overdosing of complex prescription

drugs and/or other food chemicals.

Consciousness-based studies of human and horse behavior.

Rose is a  Loner, until meeting progressive people with the heart that gives --to help others, improving life for the less fortunate.  Rose  seeks others who want a way out of the social waves where advertising, medications, news, and the TV drives it's followers, usually who do not even think for themselves.

Altruistic --always trying to do the right thing.  Following the path for our GIFTED Program.   www.horseholiday.org

Earth Person --loving nature, beauty, freedom.  Wanting to protect our environment.  Following the path for a great GIFTED program.

  All Gods gifts are eternally ours.  Humor helps lighten the load to helping others to play this game of life.  Seeking to conquer, fulfill needs, confusions, and personal healings for horse and human.

Rose has difficulties with:    Rudeness, small talk, disrespect, abuse, greed, jealousy, liars, thieves, and purposeful negativity.

Rose seeks the Divine Life: Knowing the horse and their naturalness, their beauty, their families, social system and understanding --for those horses and people --who have been ripped from their families or dear ones, and used by those who put their own values, rules and desires ahead of others. Eliminate in-justice, the abuse of the earth -our food and water supplies to de-fuse human ego, replacing human void with the understanding and spirituality –to also know the horse, as a loving, compassionate, friendly animal who has lived in our social and economic structure for centuries.  They know it well, as we do or should.

KNOW: The horse has lived with and tolerated many terrible misconceptions from humans, with their twisted value systems. The horse has been victim to human control issues and their lives also parallel many human issues.

We must always seek finding a better way, while recognizing those hidden qualities from within. Through knowing the life of a horse we can learn more about our own human behavior and existence. 

We seek to teach and mentor those who also wish to make this planet a better home, one person, one community, one state, one country at a time.

All for the GLORY of our 5-WAY-WIN.


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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}