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 When God Speaks --Rose LISTENS!


I had a very well bred filly --'Bella' that I bred for the reacetrack when I thought THAT was a direction for myself.  That changed with the more I learned about what goes on in that 'business'.  I started her when I was on the 60 acre farm in York County, but decided to leave there due to misrepresentation and what I now recognize as a psychopath who does whatever for themselves --ONLY!

I was at another location or two that did not offer me the way to continue working with her.  No room to gallop her. 

The day came when I 'heard the words'  'PAT DAY".  Why hear that name?  A few days after I heard it again --"Pat Day".  I thought =WHO IS PAT DAY?  I heard it a third time so I knew it was very important.  "PAT DAY".  WHO --WHAT and WHY do I hear that???

One day I turned on the TV to watch the Preakness. 


And when being interviewed, he was asked:  With so many previous substance abuse issues, Pat --HOW DID YOU RECOVER TO WIN THE PREAKNESS? [something like that]

PATt DAY then said:  "I owe it all to my Lord and Savior --JESUS CHRIST"

I was NUMBED! 

I could hardle believe this!  WHY did I hear his name three times?  Was God telling me to give My Bella to PAT DAY?  WHY?

Should I have even asked?

Somehow, I just could not bring myself to even try to do this. I would wait!  Well, not too long after this, Bella got colic --really bad.  I called the vet who told me she would need an operation because she had a twisted gut! NO WAY did I have money to do this.  The vet tranqulized her hoping she would somehow recover. 

She seemed quiet as I stood outside of her stall --just watching and hoping.

THEN, as if a gigantic FLY SWATTER HIT HER FROM HER RIGHT SIDE, she was SLAMMED TO THE GROUND __TO HER LEFT!  IF I were at her side --I would have been trapped UNDER HER.  Somehow I survived.  BUT BELLA WAS DEAD as soon as she hit the ground!  BAM!

I SCREAMED!  NOOO but SHE WAS GONE -in a flash moment!

So, I learned that when GOD SPEAKS --I LISTEN!

I was told to leave the horses --to document my program, in 2000.

I DID JUST THAT --in TOTAL TRUST that my God would guide me. 

I KNEW that if I died they would have to go to 'PEOPLE COLLEGE' to find out how 'THE OTHERS ARE! Never to be like our family has been.  I had to leave them, and the strange day came when they were all standing in the indoor arena --just watching me.  I didn't realize it at that time for MY heart was saying good-bye to them for the last time.

Later I KNEW --THEY ALSO KNEW. --They understood what was happening and they were giving me permission to follow God's lead. 

That still brings tears to me.  They KNEW!


We had that kind of relationship as a family!


Would I have the TRUST and STAMINA to start documenting

--AGAINST ALL ODDS, as I heard in 1995, when a friend asked me what my intentions were.  I HEARD those words --going through my head --from EAR TO EAR  --like a soft swift WIND --"AGAINST ALL ODDS"!

I had no idea what would be happening beyond that.  But after God showed me what he might do --IF I didn't LISTEN and OBEY, I decided to follow through --even against all odds --as I was told.


THAT STORY involves homelessness, living in a woods for 3-4 months, meeting other PSYCHOPATHS --that tried to do me in, and that even included an old friend who wanted to see me along the road --with NOTHING!  Unbelievable what she tried to do to me.  I was at her place for only 4 months, and I can say that I ESCAPED her viciousness.  It was like seeing TWO or three seperate people --acting out for different reasons.  I later realized that she was a D.I.D  =Multi-Personality.  Now I knew why her deceased husband didn't have much to do or say to her.  HE KNEW --before he died!

I recognized this behavior from working with a woman who had 14 personalities from the Mental Health Dept.  My EX-FRIEND was later sent to the Psychiatric Hospital in Towson Maryland.  Have I visited her --NO!

I've learned so much through all that God has shown me with the life-experiences he has put me through.  WAY MORE than can be told here.

I HAVE LEARNED:  I LISTEN, and do as I am being  told --also and STILL --'AGAINST ALL ODDS!'

The story will be told with and by: Rose at the Barn or in book form

--when directed to do do.  FIRST THINGS FIRST!

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