To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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        THANK YOU --unexpected!

Emory came with her brother Wes, who had already been through the 4 classes.  He came with his sister for company and compannionship.  I miss them both.  You can see in the one photo the body language of Emory, that showed me there was more going on,  That didn't hit her until months later.  Perhaps now she understands, and I am hoping that she returns to finish her classes.


 --[recieved June 5, 2015]
Hi Rose! 

I know that you asked for feedback on your lessons. It took me a while to actually understand them. I honestly was very frustrated at first and didn't like them until I realized it had more to do with life than just horses. I often find myself very upset and angry at work and I remember that you taught me to "blow down" and I take a minute to step away from people and take a deep breath and come back with a better attitude. I rode one horse after your lessons. He was huge! I was scared and my friend was like are you going to get on or what? And I said no. We're not comfortable enough yet and I'm nervous. When I finally got on the horse I was relaxed the way you taught me and my friend was trying to get me to do English style. I could tell it was making the horse uncomfortable. And I wished I was riding the horse bareback and completely relaxed. Even with a saddle and holding the reins I could tell the horse wanted to run. My friend later admitted the horse bucked him off only a few minutes before I got on him. I feel like he didn't do that with me because I was relaxed and could feel what he was feeling. I want to thank you for the lessons not only on how to handle horses but people as well. I would definitely recommend you. I took the lessons at one of the darkest moments in my life so far. And you've helped me overcome that. Thank you Rose. I think you're an amazing woman. I hope everything is going well for you and I wish you all the best!
I had one of your business flyers with all of your information on it sitting in my dining room since I took the lessons. I just never knew what kind of feedback to give you until now.
Emery T 

The above is a much appreciated testimony --well worth the waiting!  Rose



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