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        Stiffness in neck & shoulder

A testimony after this 1st visit:

    I just wanted you to know how wonderful I felt after my first visit. I have been in chronic pain for many years, after a work injury. A lot of stiffness and knots in my neck and shoulder. The doctors have always told me to use moist heat for my back and neck problems. I never knew that moist heat could be so interesting, or come from a horse. It was the most enjoyable "moist heat" therapy that I have had. I felt more relaxed, and less stiff after just one visit. A few days after coming to see you, my husband and I went to Erie, Pa. It is a 4½-5  hour trip from our house. Usually the trip is hard on me because of the sitting and not being able to move around for that amount of time. The trip was much easier on me, and not near the stiffness and soreness when we arrived. I was surprised at how much easier my neck moved around. It usually is stiff and pops and cracks. For several days after coming, I felt more relaxed and less stiff. My body compensates for the areas of my neck that is weak. This in turn makes other parts of my body off balance and full of knots. The relaxation in my muscles after my visit was great. I can't wait to come again.


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