To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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      From Ohio Private Workshop

GRACIOUS Comment from our workshop --in Ohio that tells ALL about Horse Holiday's future.


How do I explain to people what a great program this is? Well lets start with me I was in an auto accident, now I have trouble sleeping, memory loss, anger and a hole list of other things. My wife saw your ad a few years ago and looked into it, sounded like nice idea, but not in our schedule so when she saw your ad again few months back looked into it again and had you come out. Now I wasn’t really into it, but when you were here you and my wife talked me into it and I’m glad you did with all the problems I have with my mind and body, I didn’t really think your program (soft touch) would help me, but I did it. Your teaching of this program helped in a number of ways, the headache have lessened, the body is healing, and most of all it gives me a focus again on working with the horses. I have a background in the medical field, trucking, computers office work. And with my knowledge of all these I think this program can do wonders for children, adults, people from every walk of life physically/mentally challenged, marriage problems, battered or just anyone wanting to learn more about themselves, horses or life

The only thing I could tell people who are interested in the natural aspects of the horse and their relationship with them is to take a hard look at your program; and to participate in some fashion either as a rider or consultant or whatever the lord lays on there heart to do. There are so many aspects of this program that any and everybody could help, from finding unwanted horses that still have many years left; to supporting a horse, a child, and even adults that have things wrong with them and even healthy people that just don’t have the few dollars it would take a person for gas, which brings up a another idea not everybody has a car or can even drive. People that have no interest in riding could help others with transportation, Volunteering to help with horse care, clean up. Or even just be there to cheer a student on. I could go on and on. So I better close for now.

Richard  /Equine Natural Hoof Technician/Lameness Prevention Specialist  --Ohio





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