To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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         Parkinson's -4th day after.

A long drive, as medications were wearing off, and she couldn't ride with us. Yet, the real wonder for all of us, including myself was her call four days later --to inform me that she did NOT NEED her medications until that forth day --after leaving us.

During 1998-99, when I started 'Horse Holiday' as an organization, in York County, Pa., We had about many News Articles about our work during that time.  Two women come to me from Scranton, Pa., one with Parkinson Disease.  She told me that her medications were wearing off, and she didn't know if she could ride after she traveled 200 miles to get here.

         Her upper body was bent over, hands up to her chin, and gently trembling.  This woman was a chiropractor by profession, and had to quit --due to her disease.

         I have been a very sensitive person with an interesting background, and a life study of people with horses and what happens between the two, like behavior, emotional issues, human control, body issues etc.

         I immediately 'felt the need' --when listening to her tell of her disease, and asked a favor of her.

         I just wanted her to climb a ladder to get on this large horse, bareback, and continued to do a few exercises, talk, etc.

        She could not stay up and on the horse for longer than 25 minutes, due to her lean body.  She had difficulty, and also needed my help to dismount.

        When her feet finally hit the ground, she slowly started to uncurl her body to start standing up straight.  She slowly dropped her arms to her side, and slowly stood straight up with without any trembling. There was confusion on her face and all she could do when she looked right at me was to say:"I'll be damn".  They left --quite puzzled yet very pleased somehow.  They would get back to me.  This was a Sunday I believe.

        They called on Thursday --to let me know she did not need medications until the forth day.

I was overjoyed at what happened.  IOt's just more confirmation to myself, that this MUST be God's work --definitely --not mine. I only did what I felt [or heard] to do.


       This program works in many unexpected ways. 

Rose Foreman

CO-Founder of Horse Holiday.

Guessed who or what is the real FOUNDER---?

God has always been our CO-Pilot.

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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}