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Un-Expected Healing from MS. 

Comments from sessions with a woman who had pain from MS!    2-10-2010

I was diagnosed with MS, May 2000.  
I had many symptoms which came and went in the first two years.  I thought MS made you feel nothing, may like a numbness, but I was wrong.  Most of my MS issues dealt with spasms.  I had read that heat was good for me, but I did not know that the cold was going to be much worse.

I started pain medication. The worst pain began in October and would last through March.

In November of 2004, I began to have very bad spasms in my legs.  I felt most of my pain in my hips, kneew, ankles and toes.  My neurologost assured me that MS was the culprit.  I slowly started an anti-spasmatic med (Baclofen) at first 30 mg a day, increasing finally to 80 mg a day.

When this no longer was able to stop the pain, I then began to also take Gabapertin [?].  I started to 300 mg daily and increased to 1800mg daily.  My friends chipped in and bought me a new bed --hoping this would help with the pain which was worse at night.

All the meds did help some but the pain was still very bad. I then started taking sleeping pills to help me fall asleep because getting comfortable was impossible.  I could sleep maybe 4 hrs before the pain would awaken me.

The whole year wasn't that bad, only Oct-March, but it was every winter since 2004.  After March the pain would be so much less which was a great relief.  However, I was losing so much strength and range of motion that walking was difficult.

In May 2009, my left leg was really giving me problems.  I could not lift it to step up or even swing it to the side.  I had to lift my leg with my hands to get into the car.

A neighbor suggested that I look into Horse Holiday.  They had a therapeutic riding program.  I always loved horses and always dreamt that someday I would learn to ride.

At my age (55) and in my worsening physical condition, I thought I could never realize my dream, but it wouldn't hurt to look into it!

I met Rose on her porch in June 2009.  I just drove in, no appointment.  She was very welcoming and was sincerely interested in my desire to ride and my physical condition.  We talked for several hours and I left Horse Holiday knowing that it was a special place and that I could expect miracles to happen there.

I started lessons the first week of July.  Things went slowly at first, just laying on Moe (a big wide comfortable horse) relaxing & stretching.  After a few weeks, Rose started teaching me to ride,  BAREBACK!  This is impossible, I thought.

The only way to stay on was to use my legs and my legs don't have the strength to do this!  At first it was almost impossible, but slowly (without realizing it)  I became stringer.  In Mid August 2009, I suddenly realized that my legs were strong again.  I could go up stairs, I could walk, I could jog, I could run!  The real miracle was when I mounted a horse from the ground using my left leg to lift myself up and over.

OK, so now you know it was a great summer, with lots of fantastic surprises.  What happened in October --NOTHING!~  Nov.--NOTHING!  Dec. --NOTHING!
  Here I am in February 2010 with NO PAIN!

During the summer when I was feeling goog, I slowly started reducing my medications 9with my neurologists approval0.  I am now no longer taking sleeping pills.  I take 20 mg of baclofen and 600 mg of Gapatentim daily.  I am continuing to reduce my anti-spasmic medications through this winter with hopes of being completely off them by spring.  I no longer need them because I no longer have pain.

I saw my neurologist the first week of 2010 and she was very impressed with my strength and flexability.  I told her about the Horse Holiday Program and she seemed sincerely interested for some of her other patients.  I hope so!

Miracles do happen here!  I feel so good as I did before getting MS in 2000 (you have to remember I am ten years older now too).  I feel as if I can accomplish anything.  Could the pain come back?  Maybe could I loose use of my legs?  Maybe I no longer live in fear of these things happening.  I now know there is hope that no matter what happens dreams can come true.

Controlled behavior produces positive results with proper communication.

Also:  Getting along with others, respect of others, problem solving, self control, and patience.

From 'Rose at the Barn'--
My hopes for our HH work --being like no other, expands to other parts of the country --and beyond!  It is now my job to find those individuals whose interest is far beyond income or prestige. I must give our process --to those who have sincere heart-felt interest & concerns --to simply help others --with our 5-WAY-WIN

Rose M Foreman, Co-Founder
Horse Holiday


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