To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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Against all odds

We can all recover, and heal from within, one day, one person --at a time.  Receive nature's best --to help you heal naturally, while conquering fears long past!


Kate came to us in June '09 with the chronic pain of MS.

Kate is really learning Safety and Survival and her confidence is really growing. I even have to hold her back at times, so she does not back-slide in her abilities. This is a more positive approach to natural riding as well as with 'Personal Success in Health & Wellness'--at Horse Holiday.


June '09 to Dec. 31, 2009   PLEASE READ!

Kate's year end testomony for 2009

As this year ends I have to report that this has become the best year I have had physically since I was diagnosed with MS in 2000.  I have no pain,  usually it starts in November, I have regained strength in my body.  I have total range of motion in my left leg.  I am stronger and more balanced in my whole body.  My arms are not as strong as I would like them to be but I think that is because I haven't used them enough.  I tried to clean a stall and was not able to clean it completely.  I don't blame it on the MS  but on the lack of conditioning.

My metabolism has also kicked back into high gear.  I have a lot more energy than I have had since 2000.  I rarely need to take a nap which I had been doing every day until October 2009.  I have been able to reduce a lot of my medications for spasms with no negative results.  Even with my lower dose of medications I have not experienced pain or spasms.  I have lost 20 lbs. I think from my increase in activity, better metabolism and decrease in medications.

Also emotionally I am doing much better.  I did not realize how much my abusive marriages had damaged me.  I was living in a shell of self protection.  I had a lot of fear and I was not aware of the cause.  I had nightmares constantly of my past marriages that my exes were yelling at me or causing me financial damage.  I no longer have these negative dreams.  I came to realize through the horses that my fears were coming from the negative things in my past.  I had f-otten that I am a daughter of the King, that I can do all things through God who strengthens me, that God did not create a spirit of fear in me and that it was His desire that I live fully in who He made me to be.  Now I feel like me again.  I am able to laugh, to be confident, and to push myself to conquer new fears as they appear. 

I never expected any of this when I first just wanted to learn how to ride a horse.  Along with all the positive things that have happened for me emotionally and physically I also have learned to ride.  The Our Soft Touch ST'Quantum' Horsemanship   program is doing miracles for me.  My expectations were so small and the blessing has been enormous.  God is so good, He always gives to me much more abundantly than I would ever ask.


SEE --Kate's testimony about her Chronic Pain from 2010

Kate's Testimony from  

5-19-2011 --after not riding for awhile!

Dear Rose,

Just to give you an update on my health.  Again this winter I have had no pain in my legs and hips. That's 2 years in a row with no pain.  Yeah!  The pain in my legs began 11-06.  The winter of 09 was the first winter I did not experience any pain in my hips and legs,  and that was only after 3 months of therapy.  What a miracle.  I was somewhat concerned this winter because I haven't been over to ride in quite a while but this winter again was pain free.  My baclofen and gabapentin are also at the same low levels as before.  I feel as if I have lost some strength but I think that is due to lack of exercise because my flexibility and range of motion are still good..  Looking forward to being back soon.

Love, Kate


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