To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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To Whom it may Concern: My family has been so radically effected by the Horses For Humanity program.  I want to express my utmost gratitude to everyone who is making the program a standing success.  You are a major part in this program no matter what part you have done.

My son has been struggling with major hate issues, the doctors had put  him on medication for his behavior, and the school labelled him a "problem child"  .  He grew up knowing abuse of every type. His father would get him for visits, when it fit his lifestyle.  He would watch his father get drunk and go into a rage.  My son, mentally, had seperated from himself, because the pain was so great.  Then, by the age of six his father dropped out of his life, not to be seen again, but the effects if the situations were still in him.  He entered school and every teacher stated that they saw problems of deep hate being expressed toward him and other children.  He would disguise this hate, but when we went through the Horse Therapy Program it was manefest.  I don't understand what exactly happenedHe faced the root of his probelm instead of the effects.  It brought him to a place of really liking the horses. He went from being a playground "loner" to leader attracting good friends.  For the first time ever, I have actually had a positive parent-teacher conference, with the only complaint being handwriting. Other parents and his teacher stated that he is such a happy boy.

It makes me cry for joy to see the changes in him.  He would walk with his head hung low; now I see a happy boy with a second chance to make up for the years stolen from him.  Through this program, I have learned to take a step back from the high pace life we live in and enjoy our family.

I dearly thank you for your support to this program.  I pray you continue to support this life-changing program, so more families and children can have the opportunity to actually live life again. (H.G.J.)


NOTE from Rose:  This was received during a really difficult time [Dec. 2009] when I worked alone to pull all this together.  No one knew how to do what I was doing, and I had no help.  This was an extremely overwhelming time, when it would either go right or we were done --because I could NOT do this alone. Within the next year, I had to walk away, because I did not know HOW to train those at our door who wanted to work with us, when I was not getting paid myself.  So many difficulties to make all this happen, and I just needed to document the program --so that others can LEARN our HOW-TO!  

This has taken many years to accomplish, to get all my information in proper segments of growth for understanding, and future use for others to also have the ability to continue this massive and expansive work.

 I STILL do all this alone --to this point, and I DID IT MY WAY --not to copy another or to cut our program for simplification.  All the information is our solid foundation to help both horse & human have a much better understanding of each other.

We are now ready to continue --with a complete facility we prayed for all those years past.   Jan. 18, 2013

NOW --in 2014, I see an even larger picture for our work, and we look forward to what God has for us!


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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}