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             Corporate Leadership

I had this beautiful couple visit us, who wanted to ride, however, I could see --right away that their stress level was critical.  It was likefractured crystal spikes --ready to break. 

I wondered what they did for a living and it was obvious that they were on vacation to simply LET-DOWN --however being around large hairy monsters, with the expectations of sitting on them --OOPS!  OF MY GOD --Really?

Our work didn't even get started --so I thought.  They walked with the horses abound the house and stable, truck and back yard.  I explained the 'boy horse' wouldn't like that 'girl horse' {?} so they could learn to keep a distance.  They did --almost, and the games with the horses began.  I made it worse as I played up to their fears and frustrations about getting kicked or bitten --if the horses got to close.

Amazing that they fell for this, and I just had my fun with them --until it was time to actally get up on the horses. 

They would not do this outside and we had to cross-tie them in the barn so they would NOT be able --to run away --before they actually could just sit up there...  Well it was quite a spectacle. It took quite awhile and cunning encouragement and calm, and it took some time.  They obviously had NEVER been around anything that had a mind, and feelings  or being around something that could kill them --if they weren't careful.  I was quietly amused at all this but would never let on, how humerous all this was.

They are the ones who said that all this reminded them of working with staff --at the office, so now I knew they had real employee issues that were driving them BATS!

They were near the breaking point and really, this was the best thing they could do for themselves, by taking such a powerful step to stepping out into such a dangerous world, and HANDLING IT --with the support of each other, and a little help from myself.   WOW!  This really happened.

Then, I surely realized what all that was about and immediately said this would be GREAT for a small group of their people from the office to come out and actually participate in a group plan with a leader and a guard --so to speak.  This would really represent cammeraderie between staff menbers.

THAT is WHAT they were suggesting, and I could see and realize just how important something like that could really be.  AGAIN!  WOW!

PLUS --they were extremely grateful for being challenged like that!

I held their photosfor privacy

--of course.  Rose



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