To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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Brain Injury --with leg issues

A gentleman came to me with his dad, walking against a walker he was leaning on.  His body seemed twisted, as he held himself up with that walker.

1.)  First session took 3 hours to simply get him up three steps, leaning on the horse wgo stood between the walker and a stall --in the barnaisle.  We  could only take one steop forward, then back.  This 26 yr. old was so traumatized we had to go extremely slow.  The remaining time was the tsruggle to get back down the three steps.  We were leaning toward his being able to do this himself --however we were right there with him, very close .  His dad assisted and emotionally pushed him.

2.)  Same issues however we got to move about 3-5 steps forward and back.  Another 3 hours.

3.) Same, however --about ten steps.

4.)  Same perhaps twenty steps.  The idea was to make sure he had confidence in us as well as the horse.

5.)  Same, with walk, and halt in his control with reins, and turning.\

6.)  This time, his confidence was really working for him.  He could go all the way around the indoor arena, with me very close by, and then alittle further away, seeing and hearing his wishes. 

He was walking for about twenty minutes on the horse --by himself.


He said in amazement:

"Rose!  Rose!  MY LEGS!  They are remembering how to walk!" 

I understood the how and the why, and I was so pleased.


That day, when he was  leaving the barn, he stood TALL, placing the walker ahead of his own motion, and then walk up to it!

I KNEW he would not need that walker more than a week, and he would be walking with a clawed cane for balance. 

Then he would be able to walk alone in about another month!

How could we get this accomplished--? 

I 'LISTENED' to My God, and followed His instructions. 

The sessions lasted about three hours each

--not what is typically given to a client, because: 

That's NOT BUSINESS, because

'We are a FAITH Driven'!

That is what they needed, and we followed through for their NEEDS!

Now you know:




Because I was doing everything myself, and I had NO ONE to help with my work who had any idea of what or how I was doing things. or all that needed to be done --even as a 501-C3 ---I raised my hands to beg God:

"Tell me what to do to make this program a success. 

I cannot do this alone without you!"

I couldn"t work with him any longer, because this was 2000, when

''My God said:

"YOU MUST DOCUMENT THE PROGRAM for others to understand." 

So, I obeyed.  I left nearly everything, my 20 home-raised family of horses, and 98% of everything else. 

I did this IN TOTAL TRUST OF MY GOD -WHO GAVE US THIS PROGRAM IN 1980-1982 as 'Fresh Start',

that has been changing lives ever since.

PLUS, in 1995, I was told --"AGAINST ALL ODDS!" --when a gentleman asked what my true intentions were.

I ALSO KNEW this was a test of FAITH AND COURAGE to see if I would follow through with this --AGAINST ALL ODDS.


This is now April of 2016, and I HAVE finished my task --finally.

NOW it is time, and I know that God is now showing me

why I had to go through ALL I HAVE,

and this will ONLY show the WORLD


KNOW --there is no such thing as a coincidence!

Rose Foreman CO-FOUNDER of Horse Holiday Organization.



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