To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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   Beautiful Thank you from a nurse.

 Our Fresh Start Program --wins again!

I came to Horse Holiday as a child:  It's not that I was a child, it's just that the child in me had always wanted to ride and own a horse.  What I left with was much more than I would have ever believed could happen; on the back of a horse things can become amazingly clear.  The bridge to inner healing had been identified and crossed; my child could now relax and enjoy.

Rose assigned me to a grand horse named Jubilee.  Jubilee is very wise and knows instinctively the pain as well as the person he carries a top him.  He taught me step by step how to trust him and myself.  Rose used to tell me that he loved to hear me laugh; I guess it was years of pent up child laughter just waiting these precious moments to reveal itself.

The night I will never forget is the fall evening and that Jubilee and I were to do survival.  The sun was setting and the evening was growing chilly cold.  Rose told me I must maneuver Jubilee a certain way because of an emergency.  Of course Jubilee being very wise, did exactly opposite of what I wanted him to do.  Conflict broke loose and frustrations rose.  Why am I doing this to myself  I asked.  As the evening air became even chillier, I thought I must be crazy for bringing this purposeful act upon myself.  As I sat a top Jubilee whining that I just couldn't get him to do what I wanted, a very poignant picture came to my mind.  It was so real, I could feel the emotions.  I saw a little girl (me) in an argument with her mother.  And of course, mother usually won and the little girl usually left feeling unloved, humiliated, and angry.  Jubilee knew somehow, that I needed to cross this bridge of healing so I could move on.  I resisted fiercely.  I whined to Rose that Jubilee just wouldn't do what I asked him to do.  The child  just couldn't resist mom because she never could win the argument and the love together.  It was always a loose.  On my mind was a phone call from my mom that I was expected to be at Thanksgiving dinner later that week.  The child was very angry.  Show up and get love, but be angry that mom still is in control, or say no and face the silence and the withdrawal.  Either way, the child looses again.

I finished the course miserably that night, but the bridge had not been crossed and healing had not begun.  I took Jubilee to the barn, and I seriously thought I would never come back again.  Why was Rose so nosey?  Of course I'm frustrated, of course I feel like I had no control!!  However Rose saw the bridge, and so, that moonlit night, Jubilee and I set out again for another pasture to try to cross one more time.

Jubilee tried to walk over a grave of one of his friends; it was like telling me that the stuff I had been carrying will be the death of me.  I listened to him,  I felt his breathing (we were bareback) and the warmth of his body, and I took in the night.  I announced to the night that I would cross and not be afraid anymore.  And so we did.

I later took Jubilee to the barn and spent an hour just brushing and feeding him.  I almost felt as if the conditional love I had forfeited was being returned in a different way.  

I smelled the hay, played with the dogs, and felt a peace with myself that I had not felt before.

I came to Soft Touch Horsemanship as a wounded child.  And I left that night as an adult.

Oh yes, and I spent Thanksgiving working an extra shift at the hospital.

                            (the client wishes to remain nameless) 1994


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"The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill

[a friend and writer]

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