To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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      Battles with mind & emotions

(This is from a very bright young woman who studies way too much.  It actually effects her body behavior.)

A 15 yr old.  My thoughts and feelings about this program was that it was great.  It was different from an "average" riding program.  You went beyond mentally, to really make me think about things.  I was fascinated by what you were saying and explaining.  I learned a lot about myself too.  I learned that I am extremely tense and it shows.  I let myself over analyze things when it was just unnecessary to do.  I learned that I just "go with the flow" instead of trying to figure something out, I over analyze it and just drive myself crazy thinking about it.  I need to incorporate what I have learned through this wonderful program into everyday situations, such as school, friends, family, etc.  I now have a new  perspective for riding.  Lisa (Day one)


Today I learned that if I just stop thinking about every little thing inside my head and focus on what I need to be thinking, I can accomplish it.  I need to just clear everything out of my head and stop worrying so much.  I also learned that I should be more aware of what could happen in a dangerous situation.  I learned how I can be safer in that sort of situation.  I learned if I just relax and stop doubting myself, I can accomplish anything.  Lisa (Day-two)


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