To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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           Anxioty, breath & trust!

[This young woman is about to graduate, getting her degree for becoming a therapist. (day one)]  She is Lisa's sister, another very intelligent with the same physical issues, especially with the hands, an interesting dilemma --for continued study, and writing on the website)

When first arriving to participate in this program, I felt uncertain and did not know what to expect.  The subject/topics that were going to be introduced appeared vague and mysterious in nature.  As we continued to participate in the first activity, I felt reluctant, unsure and afraid, standing inside the stall next to the horse that scared me because he was so large. I knew that I did not know how to place a halter on a horse, (never had) and was sure that I was going to make a mistake.  I felt surprised, and shocked myself when I had somehow placed the harness on the horse.

The second activity frustrated me and I felt that I could not give up the bridle and give it to someone else until I had figured it out.  I felt that I was close to figuring it out however, thought that I would be taking too much of the groups time if I has spent additional time with it.

The third activity (placing the bridle on the horse) frustrated me again because it appeared easy however was difficult for me to do.  I was scared and grossed out to stick my hand in the horse's mouth!  While conducting this activity I found myself zoning out and not paying close attention to the coach.  I feel that I some how lost interest at this time.

The last activity that I participated in for the day (on the horse) integrated, facinated, relaxed and made me feel sad.  At first I felt that I was having a surreal moment ~ simply preparing to get up on a horse.  I was in shock and could not believe I was doing this because I feared not throwing my leg over the horses back and slipping off once on him.  I thoroughly enjoyed this experience because it has allowed me to see first hand that despite how tense, anxious and afraid I can be at times, I can relax and let myself go into a moment by centering myself with my breath and allowing my muscles to relax.  *This was a powerful moment for me because I realized that if I was able to become calm in such an alarming situation, then I have the potential to change my anxiety responses in other situations that arise that appear stressful. Lori


By the second day of this program I felt less fearful and more comfortable with the horses.  I still felt a sense of fear however, it was not as significant as compared to yesterday.  At first when Rose described the schedule of events that were going to take place today (Lisa and I getting on the horses again and going outside to ride)  I did not feel a sense of anxiety come up, however, I thought back to yesterday and felt trust in myself, the horse and the coach,  This trust eased me through my anxious feelings.

While riding outside I again felt a feeling of disbelief (that I was actually riding a horse outside)  I felt a great sense of freedom once riding around and looking outward into the distance. Lori




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