To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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               Know your STRESS

What causes stress?  (for humans) family, friends, personal problems, jobs, money problems, social problems, and life, -being out of balance.  (for the horse) Bad ownership, treatment or circumstance.  STRESS is the ROOT CAUSE of most of your treatable symptoms!

 The first signs of STRESS!  --horse and/or human --in MIND (mental,emotional), BODY (physical) & SOUL (Spiritual Bankruptcy)    To  uncover the root causes of your stress is to untangle the cobweb of personal confusion, and not to concentrate on the symptoms


What are the first symptoms of stress? --The warning signs! 

  • Headaches
  • Lack of sleep
  • Aching muscles
  • Diarrhea
  • Retention of fluids
  • Feelings of unhappiness
  • Fatigued and
  • Lack of energy.

(for the horse) fears, bad behavior, erratic movement, etc...

Do not ignore stress, or any of the phases.

1. Flight or Flight -our warning sign. (horse & human)

2. Denial, resistance, void! (horse & human)

3. Exhaustion!  When the body shuts down. Then, it's the hospital!

* Our programs help to bring out & resolve, hidden or repressed (memories) --stressors that can haunt us for a lifetime --if left un-attended, or ignored!

Stress is known to alter the bodies hormones, adrenaline, and endorphins, and it changes our body chemistry, causing side-effects, or the diagnosed (lMental Health labels!) treatable symptoms, expensive to have treated.

To beat stress --Take a 'how to' class, and learn some techniques, Or, experience the world of the natural horse, by relaxation, visualization, & deep breathing, personal control, etc. etc...with Horse Holiday Org. We know stress well. Body tensions, or emotional issues --must be dealt with, before a 'natural' horse --(un-effected by human training, or interference) can trust, or be more comfortable with you.  A confident horse is more safe, and a horse that likes you, will learn to take care of you, enjoying riding pleasures & journeys cross-country, with you.

[Human 'horse-training' techniques can alter a horses spiritual freedom, and therefore they are simply submissive, just like some people, and very boring!] 

A horse is a means to an end. 

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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}