To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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  What IS 'Quantum Horsemanship?


 What is Quantum Horsemanship?  I seem to have incomplete answers.


How do you explain this to people who do not know the ‘spiritual’ compared to religious --and what it really means.


How too, can I explain what I know internally, and cannot find human words to describe? Why do I have such difficulty putting words and human meaning to some of my own questions –in human terms?  I am human –aren’t I?  Yet, what is this knowing that haunts this human experience of mine?


Since September of 2008, I searched the internet to find out more about my ‘Near Death Experiences’ [NDE], and other miracles in my life.  This was a very powerful awakening to me.  I started to better understand why I had a different thought process, and how and why I felt such a difference in my life.  I could not speak about these feelings to anyone.  Who would understand or know about what I needed, and the answers to my haunting questions? 


Now, I am beginning to put many things in their own perspective, so even I can openly discuss this.  I seem to walk in two worlds –so to speak.  One world –is human, and knowing what is expected of me [human expectation]. 


The other –seems to be Divine Privilege [?], to a higher consciousness, to having a higher understanding than simply earthly or human.  This is very hard to express, because of human criticism I have known all my life.  I have learned to just bypass what others say, knowing what I know internally.  So what does that mean? 


            Those who have had a NDE do have some sort of a knowing that is hard to express in human terms.  We are human, of course, however, we have had an experience with the Divine, that just opens our hearts and minds to another realm of understanding.  Even saying this in words, is out of sorts for me, because I do not really discuss those feelings with anyone –other than the new NDE people I have met lately, through www.ndespace.com.  And Leanne, who came to me from Australia.  She has also had an NDE and we really learned a ton about each other that allows us, or opens that door to understanding many other NDE as well.


            Do we feel special?  Not exactly.  We feel that we have just had another type of experience, that was from a Loving God that has implanted into us the gift of understanding, and love, even though this is difficult to always cultivate in the human world we live in.  It’s the feeling of segregation, being separate from others.  We just accept that we are different, and try to contain these differences, for the sake of just getting along with.  We absolutely do know that we are all of one –that all is mutual.  It is like being in the ‘family of atoms’, yet we know it is really the ‘Family of God’.  We are all just equal parts of this multi-package of experiences.  Rocks, water, air –it is all about density of atoms and consciousness --that is everywhere.  We [the atoms] are ‘gathered’ here and we must learn to 'go with the flow'!  




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