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             Osmosis at Near Death

OSMOSIS --absorbing truth!

A friend’s brother (60 yrs of age) was suddenly diagnosed with cancer of the Colin, and in 2-3 weeks, lost mega weight. He was to go into the hospital to get a TUMOR removed, after it's discovery. The night before surgery, he had a stroke. I think he was afraid of dying, as he was an atheist, I was told,--however I didn't believe it  He was in intensive care, couldn't move or talk, only nod his head. He would answer with 'his eyes'.

He was comforted  for 2-3 weeks.  I visited after a 3-day break, and saw his face, with reddish, and yellow/green blotches. His leg was turning blue.  His Spirit was about to leave. I told his brother, who needed this 3 wk. period to say his good-byes, etc, realizing that he was dying --soon! Very soon!  Now he knew, and was accepting the situation as final.

You understand, when you’ve -been there. My own mom, died suddenly in '76.  I was in shock for over a year!  The 'umbilical cord' finally breaks, when your mom dies.

Being a person of 'spirit' I was compelled to be closer to this dying man, caressing my hand at the back of his neck, to speak to him --close and very direct!   He opened his eyes so wide, looked right into my eyes, with absolute openness and honesty!   I gave the same. We communicated like --OSMOSIS!  I somehow knew that he needed to hear from me.

I said, "It's going to be okay!  Where you are going is so beautiful. There is nothing to fear. You have quite a surprise ahead for you.  And if I'm right, I want you to come to me.  I will hear you, and I might see you.  I have seen others.  You let me know, if I'm right, and I will tell your brother.  He is doing fine.  He will be alright!"  And we just looked into each others eyes.

I said: "I know you hear me, and understand what I am saying" and I just smiled confidently to him... He accepted, and quietly turned away, and softly blinked his eyes...

His brother came, and almost physically asked me (softly) to 'not be so morbid'. I stated, ‘there was nothing morbid about what I said.  He needed to hear that!’  His brother said he was going home for awhile. I was shocked into saying,--"You're going to leave?" -knowing life’s time was so short.  Unfortunately, I had to leave with them.

As I left, I 'saw in my minds eye’ this man's spirit sitting up in bed, and looking around in surprise that he did this. He just sat up in the bed!

Understand, that I have always questioned what happens, what I see or hear.  This was just after we left his room, by about 75-100 feet!  I knew he was right on the verge of death as we would describe it.  I would call this 'transition' --a glorious transition..

I later realized that he must have done this. It’s like going to the 'other side' temporarily, and being frightened by it.  Imagine the surprise to be able to sit up!  It must be enlightening, and delightfully frightening at the same time. What a wonderful thing to think of it this way.

Later that night, --I could not work as usual, in the AM hours of the night. ALL this had a tremendous impact on me.

I felt that what we had exchanged, was ABSOLUTE TRUTH. 'HONESTY between SOULS' absorbing thought -like OSMOSIS!  I was SPELLBOUND through the night. I could not work!  His brother and friend were there late that evening, to comfort him, as he would have wished.  About 8:00-8:45, I was overpowered with need for Prayer!  Understand, that I am NOT a ‘religious’ person.

I AM very close to God, and absolutely believe he had a Son, here to help us.  I sat in my desk chair weeping, with my hands outstretched --asking God to help this man, and for the Lord Jesus to fill us with His Love, and to take care of this dying man, who may not know him (Jesus). I felt such an OVERFLOW of the ‘feelings of Love', and then I knew, that all was going to be okay. I felt no need to go to see him that next day.

 Later that evening, I got the call. This wonderful man had died at 8:17AM that morning -as I was in prayer. AN OPEN EXCHANGE AT DEATH, GIVING AN AWESOME POWER of INSIGHT, absorbed like OSMOSIS if or when exchanged in Un-Conditional Love...!  

The light is with you for a little longer. Walk while you have the light, lest the darkness overtake you; he who walks in the darkness does not know where he goes. While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light. John 12:35-36

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