To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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             Altruistic Relationships

Satisfaction, completeness, awesome inner health –comes by also knowing the un-explained. Is it by choice, social pressure, a spiritual path, or is it by self-choice, to find your authentic self, when united with the Divine --if even for a moment?

Our natural birth is a beautiful and glorious happening, born pure of spirit and heart.  We learn at a very early age to want to be nurtured and satisfied.  We learn about pain, and how to eliminate discomfort.  We learn to manipulate when we want something.  We learn to love, and be fulfilled.  We learn the joy of pleasing others.  We explore new things.  We grow in curiosity and love getting answers.  Life is full when waking from quiet peaceful sleep.

Later, as we grow we become involved with others, and we experience emotion that tricks us into a stagnant state of being, where everything seems to stand still. We struggle with the meaning of life as we try to find our place with those near us. We seek the sole purpose of existence, and become self seeking.  I need this --or that= the I-needas!  On the other hand, we become the I-wannas.

The I-needas and the I-wannas live in companionship, as the human ego develops, and seeks self-satisfaction, self-recognition and sole purpose. We become the one that matters first!  Then, the others follow in line to get our affection and attention. We seek more, because no one else is like us, and we have difficulty cloning ourselves --so we can love them also.

The differences are entertaining, and they still satisfy our needs, like giving of self -only to get what we want or need out of life for self!  We never seem to find what truly completes us.  Marriage, or children, with all the love we give (to get) --is still not enough.  There are hard times, anxieties that keeps wholeness at arm’s length.  

There is more, and we know it, but where is it!   And --what is it?  Where is it?

Fulfillment comes from eliminating the importance we place on everything in our lives, first seeking the Spirit of God within! Only then will we have it all because things are finally in a proper perspective.   As we fill ourselves, we must learn to give of the excess we are given.  Give of the fulfillment, and the extra --that seems to overflow, so we seek those to give that joy, to enrich their lives as your life has been enriched with wholeness.

Know this --'You cannot give your blessings to others! –They’re YOURS!'  You can only give of the joy that you have received. The Blessings for others come from that same place where you got yours. 

Seek God FIRST, and with the beauty of your joy, you are showing others --that same door that opened for you.  Your job is now completed --because you have just shared your wholeness. 

'Rose at the Barn'


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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}