To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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South Central Pennsylvannia

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       Riding Sessions--STQH

PSYCHOLOGICAL Riding Program  [EI & EQ]

From the start in 1972, ‘riding lessons’ proved to me to be more than how-to ride. Students could not learn without getting past the stress that prevented learning, so, stress reduction proved to be what was needed for students of riding to excel.  Conquering and eliminating the stress issues became mandatory, often, giving more back to both the student and myself from grateful students, as we were paid more than expected.


When working with Mental Health & Wellness, we saw the need for just being treated like human beings, rather than someone’s ‘patient’ --became the life-saver that opened many doors for my clients/students. Issues were starting to dissolve. So, why has our Fresh Start Program started saving so many lives, and helped so many in the first place.


‘Fresh Start’ Program starts from the beginning and we have seen changes in awareness and in human behavior --resulting in seeing real human issues reduced, even from those who never realized they had issues in the first place. 


So what has been going on?  I have had clients come searching for answers –and not even knowing their questions in the first place So, where do we begin?  We listen to what clients tell us, watching body language etc. in the process, observing.  Listen to the words, as well as what their meanings are –to them.  We stay open for clues, and begin a plan to see what will happen.  Usually it is with the horse and taking things very slowly.  Issues will present themselves –as needed.


To tell a horseman/rider --they might start from scratch –often offends the ego, BUT that may be their problem. Why is ego an issue?  Where did that begin, or why is ego in the way of our student needing answers to questions unknown?  So we start this process from a stand-still position.


We walk through this process, back and forth –not by questions, but by observing and listening.  We may challenge issues as they come up, and must be aware of any visible consequence, so great care is taken.


We are glad to work with a client’s Health Providers to find issues that need addressing, and/or to see body functions that may need a change in prescribed medications. We can see behavior issues that MD's may not --from across a desk.


We have helped many without pills or other treatments, and immediately refer if or when we see something else going on that we cannot help.

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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}