To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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          Quantum Transformation

TO BE TRANSFORMED --as in the Quantum/Spirit!

[A relationship with the natural horse is very helpful]

 We are all made of atoms.  So are rocks.  What about gases, and the air.  Everything is made up of atoms, however, what is the difference between them all –if everything is made of and from atoms?

Part One --of the answer is ‘DENSITY’.

            This was shown to me, then aware to my internal questions –through watching –and actually ‘seeing’ a huge blackbird jump into the air, then press his wings down on something –then to be propelled forward into the air.  I thought about what I saw, and realized that we [as humans] press down on water –to propel ourselves –through the water –when we swim –don’t we?    Think on this!

 Part Two -of that answer is ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’.

            Jesus was/is a given.  When he died on the cross, he left us ‘something’ that would connect us all. The ALL –or 'THE ONE’ in Spirit, therefore a Holy Spirit.  Our connection with the Spirit –the ALL –can be accepted as the joining effect in the ALL –or the ONE.  That ALL or ONE Connection –within the ‘Spirit’ that we were gifted with --by Jesus passing, as the ULTIMATE GIFT for all!

 Part Three –of that answer –is ‘AWARENESS’.

            As we can grasp the importance of the above, we can then ‘sense’ who and what we really are, and that is: we are really just a density of atoms --that has consciousness for our ‘personal identity’ –meaning the awareness of who we are in this world of humans, family, and community.

  Part Four  –of this answer is ‘FINDING OUR PURPOSE’ --within that family and/or community.

 Part Five FINDING HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT' --or how we fit into the familiarities we recognize –at the time –of our NOW.

            This is a re-discovering of the ‘self’ that can be a prison to or for the conscious mind. It can also be a 'Freeing of the Soul Connection' –within the AWE-some-ness --of this waiting for this expansion of consciousness –within this Spiritual Connection --to the ultimate Intelligence that is Universal’.  That is God! 

 Part Six –of the answer –is RECOGNITION’.

            We must open ourselves to this puzzle of life.  The mind or consciousness, the body functions we have, and that Awesome Spiritual Connection –the higher knowledge, and how this can all exist within our own oneness or ‘self’--is absolutely incredible..  We then recognize:  “We are only a small speck in this universe

                                         –a little space in time”.

 Part Seven –of the answer –is our ‘AWAKENING’.

            This is finally that moment –when it all comes together, when we realize that this life of existence --is truly a BLESSING, and Rose has learned, she now lives –this life we have been given to our next phase where we really recognize our Spiritual Connections, and within that finding of this truth, that has waited for us.  We have unknowingly been knocking at that door, seeking this internal understanding, of the ALL of the above.  Then and only then --will we truly understand that we are ALL –Children of God --and we are all blessed –to be part of:

This Awesome 'Gift of Life’

Rose's Personal Search is equaled somehow --by the ‘Life of the Natural Horse’, and what they have had to go through in their lifetime, since this Puzzle of Humanity has been that twin journey.  We are both here [horse & human] --to serve, to gain that ‘Leg-Up’--in understanding, to The Higher Consciousness, Unconditional Love, and  The Joy of Life –that awaits us, and, within that sharing, --knowing who we really are.

And again --What is THAT?

We are ALL Children of God, and This Father watches over us --as we go through our Personal Journey's –that we call life!  The natural horse willingly helps carry us through this Journey.

We must recognize that this ‘Gift of Life’ does not end, because:  It is the Spirit that never ends and we must remember where and from whom

–The PROMISE of this Gift --came from.


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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}