To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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                Internal work!

Working with clients like Leanne, we have depth levels to consider.

Recognizing real need is vital to helping someoneWorking with the horses helps us to see what happens in all ways, mind, body, behavior, and in spirituality to find where the conflists exist.  Not always an easy task, however patience and compassion rule, or you have wasted your time, and your clients time to receive needed healing.

EXAMPLE:  One woman I worked with learned horsemanship and was riding really well, except her hands never seemed to relax, and the fingers were too tense.  All else worked.  So what was wrong here.  How do we find out where that 'klink' is.  That thing that needs finding and breaking --if that is the case?

I put her on my big horse in the lounging arena, and she was doing fine -except for those hands.  I felt the need to ask her to close her eyes to see what happened.  Her hands and fingers relaxed, and she started 'feeling the mouth against the bit'.  Then, when asking her to open her eyes, it was amazing that the fingers went right back to tension, and she admittedly did not 'feel' as before.

So, we decided to take her onto the larger arena and allow her to make that same lounge circle, this time with a ground pole.  We would first simply walk over it.  No change in her hands.  Jog over that pole.  Still no change.

She was so good at actual riding, I thought it was worth the risk to have her trot over that pole, but this time asking the horse to push over that pole --by pressing her legs against his side --just a tad.

Well, this did the trick.  He did extend much to her surprise, and when his front feet hit the ground, it was a bit of a shock to her, at her level of riding.  Never jumped anything before, and this was still with that pole just laying flat on the ground.

She lost her balance just a bit, and went off to his side, forgetting to grab the mane.  This was a first time experience for her.  Lyncho pulled his head up knowing she was loosing her balance, and as she went down to his front right side, his lifting his head made a pulling against her arm, as she nearly hit the ground.  It was an easy movement --but with that gentle swift jerk of the reins since she didn't want to loose him.  He was trying to avoid stepping on her. That yank of the reins --did something to her. It was immediate.  I asked if she was okay and she nodded yes, BUT she could not talk to me.  It was as if she was in shock.  Some sort of internal memory was JOLTED into her psyche, and she remembered an experience that had been holding her back for a long time.  It was a very interesting ride home.  I recommended she pull over and just stay alone for awhile to allow those thoughts to remedy themselves. I knew she would be okay --but those internal memories just had to slowly come out --to be quietly released.  She had to be alone with those thoughts that came barrelling back into her memory.  I believe that those deep hidden memories have just been waiting to be recognized --for what they are.  Deep and disturbing.  They want recognition, since they have linger there so very long.  It's as if they have their own life --just needing attention.  Yet the brain is strange and very protective at times, knowing that the memory would be hramful, the brain just holds those memories in 'a bank' until it is the right time for them to be exposed --in a safe way.  It happened, and then they were gone, after giving them the needed time to get through them so they could be resolved.  Again --It worked! 

Experience can not be taught, however we want to help you to help others, Give Rose a call to discuss what she has learned, so you also can learn as she did.  All by knowing the natural horse and riding with the 'Fresh Start' Riding Program.

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