To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

Based in:
South Central Pennsylvannia

Shippensburg  17257

near Chambersburg, Pa.


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     Internal Benefits --of  STQH

Our work for years --appreciated and accepted by clients as -purely therapeutic and intangible!

Through years of silent personal searching, I received the understanding of how we learn, and why we learn --as we do. This study continually evolved and intensified.  Inner sufferings, issues, and personal challenges of horse, rider, or non-rider seem to surface, as we teach our programs. The horse also responds to our program, as if we’re a blessing to them. All they want, is to be loved, and understood, just like you and me!

Horse & Rider

  • Eliminate fears, and re-actions.
  • Re-learn the sensitivity to touch.
  • Eliminate the need for force or rough handling.
  • Problems disappear, as mutual respect is gained.
  • Move more freely without tension or restrictions.
  • Become more willing to please.
  • Develop a relationship of trust and compassion.
  • Find that spiritual connection --too often desperately missing.

Riders inner challenges, conquered:

  • Fears
  • Over-confidence
  • Mind-body confusion and coordination
  • Physical or mental --'VOID'
  • Peer pressure recognition
  • Humor, as a cover-up to inner turmoil
  • Grief relief
  • Loneliness
  • Feeling lost, in a busy world
  • Unable to make or keep friends
  • Using physical POWER to overcome personal insecurities
  • Lack of ability to organize self --and life
  • Caught up in the fast pace of today, needing to slow down
  • Find out why we feel so confused, or frustrated
  • Finding that something that makes us feel WHOLE
  • Gaining the insight to inner PEACE and JOY
  • Learning to see human, animal, or mineral with more appreciation
  • Loosing the fear to love --openly
  • Re-learning to give of ourselves to others
  • Seeking and finding a truth, then, having the courage to believe it.
  • Recognizing the seeds grow, both good and bad!
  • Re-evaluating our own behavior, and our own words

Horse Holiday Org. OPENS MANY DOORS --Beginning with your eyes, your mind, body, and then --your heart.

Our program works on the inside of both horse and rider to help them understand and feel, their un-recognized need to heal, and be totally in charge of their own life.  

Unfortunately, or fortunately --we rarely find a client that does not learn something different about themselves.  They are grateful, and they learn to question their behavior. They become more aware of the behavior of others, and they learn to handle life situations much better, even as a leader.

Our methods have been worked and re-worked, for over 40 years, always searching for a better way to reach solutions, and it just kept getting better.

Mind, body, spirit, emotions, natural feelings, including a better understanding of the body energies, and how to keep them flowing more smoothly, to eliminate emotional or physical blockage in horse or human!  

We have received emails from states across the country, expressing their needs --asking if we could start a program in their area.  

We have often heard: "There should be a program like this in every county".  Of course, we agree, and want to help that 'vision' come true.  

 JOIN US and participate in some way.  We want to take our work to its limits, to help heal horse and human. The potential is ENDLESS!

NOTE: As the founder, I must now limit myself to the priorities. Since 2001, we have created our workbook, with photos to be viewed privately to understand and actually see what happens in this work.     

Rose M. Foreman --with this life-time project!


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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}