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                  'Down Under'

From Down-Under

(Written by Leanne before her second journey to Rose at the Barn.)

When getting to the facts, and understanding 'the need for release', and that quest for 'the searching' begins to unfold. New questions abound the heart, mind and the soul, and the path once wide, now narrows.  The will and desire to 'escape' is taunting. Could there be an answer to the search for understanding and the need for truth.  Could there possibly be a new wisdom unfolding.  

What a refreshing thought, however --is that possible?

 How so can the wise in years and life-experience --have answers to my unrealized, un-asked questions?

As comfort grows, the haunting facts become more clear, if only by hints. Personal struggles reflect the need for better boundaries, and the need for more personal control, and the courage to face change squarely in the eye of demise. The face of fear now seems to become vague.  Courage chants for recognition and struggles to the forefront to get our attention.


Like the beat of the drum --of our heartbeat.


Intension takes over and the path becomes more clear with the daunting --need --for change.  The mind, body, and brain --are in constant conflict, and the tension is near brittle, as death seems an option, as an option that is set-aside --when the spiritual thread to the divine --is the hope for an end to despair.  Knowing, feeling, and actually doing --have been separate!  Now the firmness of decision --must be on solid ground.  How is all that possible?  Perhaps, in another day, we will see more clearly.  We learn to move forward placing one foot in front of another, not by standing still.

 "Faith --without feet --is dead!"

With one more step --hope becomes more powerful, and the miles ahead really do have a prominent destination, one of new found hope and progress, that will lead you onto another path of joy and painless struggles --that seem tiny 'tripping hurdles' --placed there to keep you on your toes --placed there --not to repeat your old ways.  Yes --we are continually tested --by the mind, the heart, and the flesh.  The conflict of e-motions must be met head on --with courage!  Leanne 


I realize that this was a writing of her inner struggles --finally seeing a crack in her depression to see that New Light.  It's truly amazing when we can meet someone else --who has been there--done that, and to know that you can help them see more clearly!  Leanne is OBVIOUSLY --NOW our FIRST Horse Holiday Consultant [HHC]  'Rose at the Barn' Foreman


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