To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

Based in:
South Central Pennsylvannia

Shippensburg  17257

near Chambersburg, Pa.


Phone:717-462-8535 c

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How we help horse & human, from spirit-filled listening and seeing --what 'the others' may not hear or see.

  This ALL comes from having a 'White Light' Miracle at age 6-9, and a near death experience [NDE]at age 17.  I was gifted with sensitivity and feel the Divine at my doorstep when helping others --including myself.  I have learned to 'LISTEN' [against all odds] and have passed 'MY TEST OF FAITH' in 1980-1982.  My personal search developed during that time. I never know what is coming out of my mouth and I often wish I had a tape recorder, because I often seem to listen to those words myself.  Since not many know about this website, I will add the vitals here, from: www.stquantumhorsemanship.com

KNOW --it is my deepest desire to teach what I have learned from my life ecperiences during many decades. I will do so with dedication with the how and why I continue to do as I do.

 This is God's Program --not mine!

Rose Foreman is only the CoFounder


When you are searching for something and do not quite know what that is, we are here to help you find it –and why.  We work together to get to the HOW-TO, so you can heal –from within!  We all have a personal journey to travel and you are not alone.   We travel that unknown path --with you and our 5-WAY-WIN!


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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}