To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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              The 'ORIGINAL'                     Soft Touch Horsemanship [1980-'82]

Rose has taken out many fun-loving trail-rides over 22 years in Maryland and PA., and heard many stories about gut-wrenching experiences, falls, and some serious accidents when riding elsewhere.

Our Fresh Start Program is recommended for anyone wanting to ride horses, before venturing out to ride in mixed company on public trail-rides.  Riding should be pleasant and without fear or bad nerves.  It should be calming and stress-reducing --not one of caution and not knowing!

Rose developed FOUR PRIME FRESH START CLASSES to provide new and/or experienced riders an awesome overview of what to expect when riding and HOW-TO know your mind-body-connections with the horse.  We do NOT teach you to ride a saddle.  Instead, you will learn to ride the horse, and in a very interesting way --without a saddle --for three classes of the four.  Many say on class four they ‘really prefer not having the saddle because they can not 'feel the horse' under them, however we insist they also learn what to expect with the saddle as well.  We encourage taking 4-5 quiet trail-rides so everything learned --can simply sink in.

Rose will not sugar-coat any dreams or visions of galloping through the ocean waves or across fields with hands and arms raised with the wind blowing through your hair.  You will get the truth, a wake-up call for your visions of grandeur --riding such a magnificent steed.

You CAN FALL and GET HURT --IF you do not know what to do --if and when you get nervous --OR are put into a tricky situation, where you could make a critical mistake, with your body balance and handling the horse with reins that could pull the horse over backwards on YOU --in a fall that you could cause!  You will hear the truth about the education you need --to have confidence when riding.  Education is bliss! You will learn about human and horse instincts so you will better know each other, and also recognize when you are in a delicate situation with other riders.  Do you know the safest things to do --if someone makes your horse or you uncomfortable or in question?  You will get the advice needed to keep you safe and happy with your journey cross country --and/or in the show-ring, [English or Western] 

You must know how to 'safely take care of your SELF FIRST' –then the horse.  YOU are VERY IMPORTANT, and NOT to forget that.  Do not depend on a position or technique, without FIRST taking this Fresh Start Program.  We do NOT CHANGE what you may have been taught for showing, or gaming or pleasure riding.

You get the necessary education to make you KNOW HOW-TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST, with the Safety & Survival Awareness Studies --to be prepared if things get tricky.

We have been told by many --the four classes have changed their perspective on many things, and they have become life-changing.

This is a self-discovery study --to explore your instincts, impulses, actions as well as inactions, and how they affect the horse. You also build confidence for making better decisions.  Learning is a VERY powerful tool.

 Horses have been misunderstood --for way too long!

They are awesome creatures I believe are here as 'a Gift' for helping us better understand  and accept ourselves --as well as others.  They respond to compassion and seek mutual respect from humans --to share the best in life. 

They have much to teach us

--if we only take the time to learn to 'Listen to them'.

Rose can help you!  717-462-8535

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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}