To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

Based in:
South Central Pennsylvannia

Shippensburg  17257

near Chambersburg, Pa.


Phone:717-462-8535 c

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      Horse Holiday Org. GOALS:

  I was told in 1995 --AGAINST ALL ODDS, and that was REAL!  THIS TIME calling the Congressmans office was another blessing --so it is sure time to step UP!            STEP UP WITH HORSE HOLIDAY 'FAITH BASED' ORGANIZATION

                                      --NON GOVERNMENT!! 


#1. Finish re-publishing our websites :  HH ORG.  Soft Touch Horsemanship and ST Quantumhorsemanship as PART of HH ORG. since it is the higher consciousness and spirituality part of our work.  Healing through higher consciousness --without pills!

2.  Gather support to continue:

 a.)  Hopefully finding a smaller private facility to continue working with clients privately.

 b.)  Finding those who will make the better Horse Holiday Consultants [HHC]

c.)  Using our cirriculum for 'Fresh Start' as the 'self-help' first phase of teaching those to help riders in a very special way, since that program has been changing lives since 1982.  It must be FULLY understood!

d.)  Adding knowledge about Spirituality and consciousness with the Divine influence to really find what's missing in lives --with the help & hints from the natural horse.

e.)  Helping those who may be continuing this work --in their own facilities, and or communities, so that clients can travel less distance to get what we [HH Org.] has to offer.

f.)  Always a mentor to our HHC, with the help of our community of HHC who may also have additional facts and thoughts to consider.

g.)  Our work is to be supported and protected by all that attend as HHC, who are authorized and checked in on whenever necessary to be sure that they stand in our ethics of truth, naturalness, compassion and sharing to help others --both horse & human.


   We want to grow together as a FAMILY!

     Rose Foreman CO-Founder  Horse Holiday Org

You should also know 'The REAL Founder'

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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}