To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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     Sessions with Rose as NDE

There are many who have had Near-Death Experiences --NDE.      like Rose Foreman ‘Consultant &Healer’.

However, when there was no one to talk to about these experiences, there is the need to keep-on-searching to find answers to questions not heard or understood by most.  I found a different way of thinking, seeing or hearing where others may not, like what and how we feel about our life compared to 'the others' [who have not had these experiences.] It's been a complex issue to for me to overcome.

When connecting with other NDE’s I found a comfort zone, where much is understood without question.

So --how do we help the 'others' begin to understand, there’s so much more to life than what seems normal?

It takes time to find just where you [as clients] are --to find what is missing in your life.  There seems a pulling and a grabbing from those who internally know that something is missing, and have sought those answers alone.

NOT ANYMORE!  Rose has learned spirituality through decades of confusions, searching, experiencing, while constantly asking questions --not to humans, but to the 'higher sources' available with My God.

Sometimes the answers just verbally come out in conversations, much to my surprise, as well as others. 

--That's when I wish I had recorded --what ‘I seem to just be listening to’. At other times the answers may come in a day or two, or even a week later.  This happens because Rose holds you UP --in constant prayer, [like a question of concern from and for YOU!] to get to what is needed to help you. Sometimes --it's just a feeling that needs expressing.

I do NOT want you going through the turmoil I have --to find anyone who could even understand me.

You could look through my other websites to see some of what has caused me much confusion, and how I finally found those 'three keys' with meaning to give any of us what we have needed all along! 

Faith--Works--& Belief [100%].

I found that I only HALF believed.

That has drastically changed.

Getting to that point needed some help and direction, and learning seemed slow, yet I AM NOW HERE --to help you.

you can email  or call 717-458-2842. Leave a message!  I will return your call.   We can take things from there.  No embarrassment.  No shame.\You are understood because:  I have ‘been there --done that!’


“We are only a little speck in this Universe, a little space in time”



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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}