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      or teach those wanting to start their own small facility

                             to help others --by approval.



By ‘The Spirit of God‘ Gifted to:

HORSE HOLIDAY & Rose Foreman, Founder.

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 Personal Testimonies & Stories available:

Art of listening to Spirit! [Tim]

Trusting, and Listening to God’s will for us! [Rose's work &/or Studies.]

Emotional Intelligence [I.E].--as explained by a client

Leadership Abilities –[E.Q.] Corporate or family.

Stress Reduction –with friendship to release haunting symptoms. Many stated.

Life’s opportunity at 49 yrs. of age, for everyone. Rose interpretation of bible passage that proved true.

Corporate Leadership and understanding. Stated by several corporate clients.

Mind-Body-Spirit-led testing to discover needed attention for health reasons! [aneurism]

Sexual assault, recognized and supported --until conquered and freed from this.

Fear of heights and self empowerment for personal safety & survival.

Tic Syndrome minimized through work with the horses.

Understanding possible negative behavior.  Finding purpose from past experiences.

New mindset and overall life misunderstanding, and confusions within. [See]

Misunderstanding conceptions that cause uncomfortable behavior, even with others.

Conquering limitations—in mind-body & behavior.

Faith-healing a physical release with/by prayer. [neck injury plus]

Uncovering internal memory blocks, by working with the horses and riding. [Maria, plus]

Emotionally distraught horse from severe rider abuse, an extra year with Rose, he became a Grand Prix Show Jumper..

Woman came 200 miles to ride with Rose. Her medications were wearing off for Parkinson's disease, and she said she could not ride.  Her body was shaking, bent over and trembling.  Rose felt antennae shooting from her mind, and asked her to just mount a horse in barn, bareback, for some exercises.  She could not stand being up there for more than 25 minutes.  With help dismounting, as she hit the ground, she calmly started to stand up straight, without shaking.  All she could say was--"I'LL be damned!".  She and her friend called me on Thursday, after visiting me on Sunday.  She said: "Thought you should know that --SHE DID NOT NEED MEDICATIONS UNTIL THURSDAY"...

Advocacy –when needed.

Discovering internal blocks that change behavior.

Understanding and escaping 7 psychopaths in founder's life, to help others.

Opening to healing past limitations.--to break free!

Exposing, releasing and understanding internal anger. --[founder and several more]

Quiet introduction to the Holy Spirit of God.

Mind-Body Awareness and recognition of how and why our work with horses is  partnership.

Finding God’s purpose for you.

Learn where your anger comes from. Process and directions shown by God and behavior.  Founder etc.

Understanding and accepting another’s behavior. For acceptance &/or life planning.

Making powerful decisions, and sticking to them. [Jill] Good or bad.

Understanding Karma!

Organizing life issues with our Octogen.

Spirituality, introduced and experienced by many.

The Power of Listening to the internal whispered words from God. [Founder]

Solutions, compared to having the courage to confront and change them. [4 yrs]

Recognizing self worth and abilities. Founder plus!


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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}