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        Learning to Listen to horses!

Listening and hearing horses!

When I worked -starting thorobreds at racing farm, I had this one filly that I declared to be dangerous! I told the farm owner, and that the filly should wait until the next spring to start her. Then, it's still questionable.  I told them that she would one day hurt someone -badly!

So after finishing the job with the other horses, I later visited to find that that same filly was being started and reared up and went over backwards --sending the rider to the hospital.  They ended up telling me that the dam of that filly was a nutcase also, so they sent her to the killer sale.

I KNEW she would hurt someone.  What still seems daunting is that when I tell someone about a horse --they do not want to 'listen' to me --Rose. I hear what the horses tell me --by their behavior.  And, after trying to tell them about a few horses --things they should know about that particular horse --they did whatever they always did with the horses anyway --therefore ruining many a great horse --to just being adequate --mainly because they just did not listen to me, and what the horses expressed to me.  That still hurts because I hear their heart!


I was at Timonium race track, after watching the horses in the paddock.  This one horse showed me they [male or female --I didn't look] were ready to beat the pants off the other horses.  To watch the races, Bo Brooks --Trainer of Sagamore Farms stood next to me, at the track's rail and I pointed to that particuliar horse, saying "there is your winner."  Bo Brooks said --"NO WAY" she's the only filly in the race". I said "She will win over the boys".  Well, she beat them all --by 5 lengths!  He then asked me:  "How did you do that?"  I said --"She showed me her intentions, and I heard her"

I said to Michelle --"I can HEAR the horses.  They tell me plenty about what they are going through.

That is what is so very disturbing about humans! They don't care because they do not know how to hear them, or even care to 'listen'. Therefore, I care more for the horses than people --most of the time --and the horses know it! They also listen --to me and they hear my heart!

I have many stories like this --over my lifetime.

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