To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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       Finally time to mount Moe!


"Need a stool, or a leg-up? WHY NOT try to SWING-UP --since Moe is alittle run-down.  He'll stand still". I explained the process to grab the mane, arm and body slant --back, a short quick attempt to RUN, while pulling the mane down and 'simply swinging up and over' --Moe's back --right?  A couple of play attempts before actually trying to swing up. NOW the ACTUAL TRY!  ONE!  TWO! UP and OVER!  You're UP!  BUT there was no pulling down of the mane and leanne went 'SPLAT' --WITH 'A BODY SLAP' INTO MOE"S SIDE!.  She recovered, and we ALL burst into laughter!  THANK GOD we had a friend to catch this moment!  It's our best photo!  LOVE IT.  EVERYONE loves it!  Moe seems to be laughing also!  SO --the ICE-BREAKER --WORKED!  NOW --HUMOR pushed aside any frustration and fears.

Now --it's time Leanne shows Moe who is boss, showing him she is no push-over, so now they have to start moving together to see how it works, however, Leanne's past riding experience does not work well with how we have been working with our horses, so, lots to learn, and work out!  Too much tension or power will not get the best results so we worked on those issues until I felt they would do somewhat better.  It was a start!  There was obvious need to relax after that workout --plus how she had been taught --which was a power seat and control. Not out level of communication or control that we teach.  It took awhile to relax at a walk, bareback, and getting to know her balance and body/mind safety & control tips.

A little getting acquainted time helped with more relaxation --much needed by Leanne who was beginnig to get back alittle confidence. She was still a little apprehensive about Moe and what she could do with him, so later, we showed her.  First, she had to learn more about her hands and less body movement to help Moe 'feel her' better, and for Leanne --to better 'feel' Moe!  This takes some time to really get it, and now she has some things to work on.  

After working with small obstacles, we gave them a task, that Leanne did not think was possible.  It gave her the necessary challange to get better at working with Moe.  And her last challange was that chair, and having Moe stand still for this.  Having her focus on something else worked.  She was so very proud of all she had learned that was so different from what she had been taught, and our reasoning is way different than regulations and rules.  I love to work on the human so they can better 'feel' the horse, and understand a better way of connecting with them, not normally taught, especially in this manner. It really pays huge benefits.  We're really starting to get somewhere.

"I guess I made the first step.  I AM finally chasing my fears away!   But what's next?"  Less --is so much more! "The horses have been trying to teach me that, and I have finally learned it well!  Now, I have lots of practice ahead.  Can't wait for my next journey here --to see what else happens!  So --back to Australia --until the next time --?"

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