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             Facing fears with Moe!

That boogie-man affect with Moe --must somehow be conquered!

Facing the BOOGIE-MAN was no easy task.  The conversation between  the two of  them was faced with fear or forgiveness, whichever came first.  So it was time to face-off --first in the round pen.  Let's see what happens.  Let's not take too much time with indecision.  Time to start working.

The round pen is a great start for getting acquainted with each other to see where this goes.  Waiting to see how Leranne handles herself in the open area with Moe who seemed to taunt her on their first meeting.  Face it --or quit!  That's a choice to be made.  We wait!

There was a stand-off! Neither wanted to really start anything.  I wait patiently as they both had to work this out themselves. 

Patience is often GOLDEN!

Finally, Leanne faced her fear and decided to go for it!  Moe rejected her, and propped  and kicked sideways, showing her some disrespect.  How did Leanne handle this?  Those waiting moments that were golden --gave her enough time to get her strength of character back --just enough to try to intimidate MOE --this time.  It was him or her that would loose this mind battle.

Leanne realized that her burst of energy got some respect from Moe, and that gave her the momentum she needed to CHARGE AT HIM --to show him --he was not going to win over her again.  NOT THIS TIME!  It was exciting to watch and see Leanne come out of her tension and show her power.  This new battle was on!  I knew Moe was playing with her --BUT Leanne didn't understand that --with her mindset, from past experiences.  Let them haggle it out, and they did.  Remember it is often best to allow things to uncurl themselves.  Interferrance can often only complicate things --in mind-body and emotions.  Go slow and learn to ALLOW the process to form and take place as needed.  Learn through observation and study.  The actual 'LIFE-EXPERIENCE' is very educating for Leanne. So give them the time they need --for now.  Do not interfere.  If we would only respect those inner battles that must be untangled, when issues got so complicated.  It's like a jumbled up steel wool pad, where all fibers much slowly be untangled and then straightened out --so stress is not going to even remember why it happened in the first place!  This was a winning battle in all ways!  What's so grand, there's no need for personal details.  Just work it out.  If it turns into overwork or abuse --then it's time to step in, and calm things. A good walking cool-down is helpful for both.

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