To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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Follow Leanne's Journey --from AU.

2,700 miles, and a very long time on the plane and train after her visit to Dancing with horses in Paola NY.  She was really exhausted by the time she arrived.  We had time to get to know each other before really starting.  We had spoken a few times and both knew we were both NDE’s.  She had her NDE when she was only 3 years of age.  She went under water bobbing up and down –remembers when she went deep --thinking “I’m breathing water”  Then, ‘something picked her up and placed her alongside of the pool’ when NO ONE was there.  They were all at picnic tables etc, and did not see this happen.  She heard these words “YOU MUST FULFILL YOUR DESTINY” and that is TOO MUCH for a three year old to understand, yet she clearly remembered that.  I was amazed, even that she was here with me at this time, so we had lots to talk about.  Hours became even more! We both became very connected in spirit, understanding and wonderment!  This is going to be very interesting for both of us.  Obviously --this was meant to be.

When you are searching for something and you do not quite know what that is,that's been cramping her life in some way, we are here to help find just what that was or is –and why.  We work together to get to the HOW-TO, so she can heal from within!  Know that the horse [Moe] sensed her anguish and kicked sideways at her almost right away, when she was trying to play with him at my suggestion --to just loosen them both up, before any work begins. He was far from her when he did this --yet Leanne really reacted and nearly broke down emotionally into tears.  Moe must have also known that.  It was what she needed --to break through that frustration asap.  That really showed me just how sensitive this situation is we are dealing with.  Her body language shows her disllike for Moe, and NOT wanting to get on his back, because she was showing her fear.  Moe became a real obstacle to get past. 

So we decided to start with Promise instead.  There are times when we give in --especially when a very delicate situation is at hand.  So we gave in to her wished and 'denials'.  Promise it is!  We just wanted Leanne to get out of her self fear, and Promise did the trick.  We got Leanne relaxed quite abit and I could see her past experience.  She later expressed a rather serious accident she had from riding that landed her in the hospital not that long ago --so ALL this was built up inside her.  She had reason to be carrying that fear.  Now, we had to get her past all that trauma, by teaching her safety and survival. A little more time, support and patience.  Possible humor could be tricky for awhile. We just want her to know that our techniques would keep her ON THE HORSE!  She started to be convinced, and we stayed in practice.

You can see from here that Leanne’s hands are all bundled up in a knotted FIST!  That won’t work at all.  Much to work on. It all comes out in the relationship with the horse –even if the rider does NOT KNOW WHAT –or WHY.  I can easily see that something is not right from within.

We have to get to that so it comes out of her.  See the horse [Promise] is telling me this also!

 Finally we got Leanne facing her fears and wanting to get past them.  We would really take this slow --so to convince her that her fears were NOT founded in reality!  This took some quiet considerations, because she was only here for three days this time.  Realizing her personal issues, and seeing them myself, I was convinced she should be with me for another 20 days –if that were ever possible.  I just knew we could get her past all that garbage she has been carrying –one slow step at a time.  Our connections grew like we were somehow connected at the hip –if that makes any sense.  We both knew she needed more time with us.

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