To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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South Central Pennsylvannia

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near Chambersburg, Pa.


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Humanitarian project for understanding horse & human behavior with man's companion the natural horse --who is helping us change lives.


Unexpected Healing

in association with the natural horse, misunderstood --for too long!

Finding that special friend, even for awhile, makes life challenges manageable, and unexpected healing begins, as your strength and flexability improves, even with symptoms of MS.

When a giving mom, thinks she's lost at everything, and life issues have taken her best, we helped her to find her courage and inner strength again.

When unknown issues hold you back, the need for searching, and time for contemplation from within, seems lost, yet the company of God's animals may be enough to get trhe process in motion  for inner healing to begin.


When a friend knows your inner need, and brings you to us, and we later receive that 'special letter' of thanks, we know that the heart found it's need for healing, and magic happened     --AGAINST ALL ODDS --

and we know that well!


If you think we are too far away, then consider an overnight stay at a local B&B to see if we can help you with unrealized issues that may have been haunting you. This happened with the woman in this photo, and she came to me [Rose at the Barn']--three seperate times --from Australia --the other side of the world.  Her testimonies can be seen on ST Quantum Horsemanship Pages, and she wants to return.


Stress Reduction Study

--to eliminate 'Treatable Symptoms' --OR unwanted behavior!

It made sense that to help a riding student, we had to reduce the body tightness, or trembling hands, sweaty palms, etc.  Of course that meant the lack of concentration or following my suggestions.  It became obvious that something was going on, and on occassion we found the student was on some kind of medication, so my questions became even more obvious, to help get to the bottom of their issues. Simply put, my studies became very deep, and I spoke to some honorable physicians who actually said that they treated at least 90% of their clients who had stress related symptoms.  VERY INTERESTING!  WHY NOT find what CAUSED THEIR STRESS --in the first place, treat that --so symptoms would desolve?  That is how we started getting into Mental Health situations and simple healing. However, we had to stay on top of every situation so they could be with the horses, when needed. We actually lost a client because she could not get to us when needed!  We learned a very difficult lesson, and needed more help with transporting clients to us. This study advanced into helping AT-RISK YOUTH as well.


Through my lifetime of many decades, my love for the horse sustained me.  All I've learned was affected and compared to this relationship, and I became a 'Listener' when many called me a Whisperer. Learning by simply 'Listening to the Spirit -has taught me much more. The horses also hear the Spirit and acknowlege that as recognition as well. That is -until 'human training' --interferes and complicates their naturalness.


          If we could remember 'The Spirit' we were all born into --this would be a greater world we live in.


I have still been learning from the horse and the study of horse/human behavior --even at the current facility!  2013-2016


As I look back, I have noticed that God has placed me into different situations and places, where I would learn something different, and to somehow help someone there --from that same place or situation, and: I have learned TWO MORE HUGE bits of information in this process --even about/for myself!


What I have learned and I NOW KNOW--is intended for everyone, and --I AM READY for God to place us somewhere else --to also learn and to somehow serve.


I have learned TONS through God's direction and placements --for this program through my personal study of 'horse and human behavior'.  It's that WHY and HOW --behind my 'Life-Experience'. 


As recently declared about my work:  "YOU CAN'T TEACH EXPERIENCE!"

That came from a  gentleman scolar who works at York County 'SCORE' ['Retired Business Executives' --who volunteer to help blooming entrepeneurs--?]. He informed me after hearing my story --"YOU ARE A CONSULTANT, and YOUR FEE should be $250.00 an HOUR!"

He then said,  "You are the most STRATEGIC person I have ever worked with in all my 20 YEARS as a SCORE COUNSELOR!"

I took that seriously and was VERY FLATTERED, However, my fees do NOT represent his wishes for me --personally.

Will it ever get there---? We still have time to see what happens --since I have finally found this 'web program' to help me do"



of all the work I've completed.

A RE-DO of Horse Holiday website is the first re-make.

Thento include STH and STQH --with most important pages.

Today is:  March 20, 2016


Our goal is to TEACH and SERVE--from REAL 'LIFE EXPERIENCES', and to help you--to do the same

by becoming a Horse Holiday Consultant [HHC]  --to continue on this path to also help others.

 THAT PLAN has also already been documented.

ALL for OUR 5-WAY-WIN --or we won't do it!


'Rose at the Barn' Foreman

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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}