To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

Based in:
South Central Pennsylvannia

Shippensburg  17257

near Chambersburg, Pa.


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             Honorable Mentions:

It has taken FIFTEEN YEARS[2000-2015] since we started to  document our work and websites.  Now, we do so as:

A Faith Based Non-Government Org.  2016

[do not miss photos below]

First THANK YOU to Leada Lentz --for her insight and documents

to support our work --'perhaps a little ahead of it's time' --as she said.

CLIENTS PAST --who we have also learned from:


1994  From crutches --to a walker, to handling unexpected situations.

A D&A Counselor, Charlie --who made me aware of my unrealized feelings, that I carried for Mr. J. --a victim, wrongly treated, accused, and abused.  Charlie made me aware that I was holding Mr. J's anger at that evil abusive woman, much to my surprise, when he asked "Whose anger are you carrying anyway"?  It wasn't myself, or my mom, or anyone else.  Then I remembered Mr. J. and the tears started flowing out of control.  It was real, to finally know, and then release.  Charlie was right after all.  He said I was the most angry woman he ever met, and I definitly argued that point --until the tears started releasing my secret --from myself!

Charlie also made me aware of the mind body reality

of how the brain must tell the body parts to do something

--do this or do that so he could function. It was very enlightening!

Vicky, a tormented widow, had a dinner party for me and her friends,

to introduce me to Giovanni, who 'saved my life'

of stress & torment with accupuncture [1992].  I also experienced one

of the most horrific embarrassments with him, due to a

medical/physical condition, I could not financially remedy. 

Fortunately, a Hospital Clinic in York, Pa.  stepped in,

and all was made well.   I thank them and God --for that privilege.

Brain injury.  From a walker, twisted body, and pain, to standing tall,

pushing the walker in front of him and walking [tall] up to it 
--in only 6 [long] sessions.  His ankle stopped hurting, and he said:

"My legs, my legs, they are remembering how to walk." 

He gained balance,  coordination, confidence & self esteem.

Marla, from Mental Health Program, on too many meds, she said,

and waited until she finally found a doctor who would do a cat-scan of her head. She had been saying something wasn't right in her head, but the


Anyway that new doctor found

she had a tumor on her petuitary gland! 

She was very COURAGEOUS AND WISE indeed!  1999

Janise, who came to us as a volunteer from MH system. 

She gained the power of humor, and the self confidence to quit

an abusive job.  Janise was always an absolute delight --until she thought

I wanted my stallion turned out with the mares to have some grass!

Sometimes, a good deed intended can change lives

We still love her!

At 60-65 yrs of age, a woman fulfilled her desire to ride a horse. 

See her in our Class three -Survival!  She succeeded beautifully!

Arlina Y, never thought she could ever ride a horse.  Her dream

came true through great courage and perseverance. 


Laura Mandel, who came to us about 1982-'83.  Laura had Leukemia.
What she taught us was the beauty of simplicity, and the delicacy of life's gifts.
Her lessons for us have never been without cause.
Her highest wish was to ride Rocken Rythm -our Arabian stallion.
Before her trip to Jerusleum, for personal healing reasons, we granted that wish.
On returning to USA, visiting relatives, in Florida, she caught a cold, that ended her life.  We have promised a white burch tree in her memory with a riding crop in the branches, because she lost her crop in the woods this day we went 
for that awesome ride. Again --NEVER FORGOTTEN!

ALSO KNOW:  God works in strange ways.  I had taken photos that I felt I should mail to her husband who was mourning her.  I sent a few, and waited a few weeks until I sent the last photo. Then, later, I got a phonecall from her husband.  He thanked me, saying that he had his 'darkest day' he had in awhile, because it was the anniversary date of Laura's death.  When he got home he saw the last photo we sent him.  This was very moving for him and for myself.  We talked about a half hour.  Again --NEVER FORGOTTEN! 
An Honorable Mention for
 'JILL' from York Pa. MH Service --who made it known, how important it is --to have volunteer to pick-up those clients that really need our services.  After her plea, that she so needed to see the horses again, she could not hold on any longer, and took her life, just just a few weeks before her group was to return to us.  We hope to enlist the
 'Jill Transport System' for Horse Holiday Org. --in her name!

She was a beautiful young woman --Never Forgotten!

Anthony, the little boy, who saw the joy and wisdom of the horses,

as his magical remedy to fulfilling his life.  Because of him, we learned so much more about the MH Systems, that really need improving.

We have prayed to find the way to do just that,  and it has taken us

almost 20 long years to do just that!  We now have our plan! 

One day, perhaps we will meet again!  Thank you Anthony.

Remembering that little girl --from Easter Seals, who charmed

our horse Kizzy, who heard her coming down the aisle. 

Kizzy actually pulled away from who has holding him to get to this child

--and greet her, as she came to give him a kiss on his nose. The parent's

did not understand the magic of the moment, but we did!
KIZZY [KIZZ-ME-SPECIAL] was always an extroardinary friend, 
who UN-fortunately became a 'token'.  Fortunately, 

I was told he was given to a little boy, and I pray that is true!
So many horses 'are used' by those who want more --for themselves, 
than for the good of all concerned

Many who may be Godly -are not always right in their intentions!

We can never forget Clyde, survivor of a stroke. Clyde would ride

  his bike to us 5 days a week --to help us with stalls, turn in/out and

help with the kids that visited.  He is an amazing man who we all love dearly.

 He was a true dedicated friend and volunteer, and we hope to plan

a visit for him to Central Pa for a visit some day soon.


That little shy agrophobic girl --in therapy twice weekly,  

It took her almost a month to get up the steps for her first day at school. 

After 4 weeks with Horse Holiday's horsemanship program, 
her therapist told her to:
'put your money into the horse program, 
because they are doing you more good than I can.' 

I heard that she later was galloping racehorses at the track,

for some time since. PLUS, we have heard from her younger sister

just a few months ago, much to my JOY and surprise,
Tonkin Our home-raisedAnglo Arabian

--now our LOGO for Horse Holiday Org.
With that huge decision made in 2000, Tonkin was [-six years later]

thankfully returned to me in 2006 to spend the rest of his life with us. 

He has been 'the frosting' to our Re-Start in Central Pa.
And of course --
'My Beau Lyncho' for 22 yrs, of my life, and his.  Lyncho is the entire reason for our Soft Touch Quantum Horsemanship Program,

now called STQuantumHorsemanship.com --ALL due to our marvelous relationship and all he would do for me.  His Humor and play was incredable.  He knew me inwardly, and spiritually!



NOW, A SPECIAL THANK-YOU to York County's Human Service

'System' for giving me the 'unexpected education' that grounded me into my personal search and agenda to NOT follow their rules or wishes --and that I stand in their line, or I was informed me that I would be 'doing it ALONE' --if I didn't do things their way of doing 'BUSINESS'.

That was my CHOICE and that is what I have done.
  Also THANKS to the honesty of the few leaders in the world of

Non Profit [businesses] in that area --to 'fuel my fire'

to find a better way --to actually 'Serve the PEOPLE' 

--rather than the bottom-line/budget priorities, being;

administrative cost, property improvements, and following

the path [down that yellow brick road] led by the money, including extravagant bonuses that would minimize their profit! 

BTW --that takes down their bottom line PROFIT at year end, KNOWING they ONLY HAVE TO DONATE 10% of their bottom line --to helping others in the not for profit bracket perhaps as start-ups. 

I believe they want to see who WILL stay in line, and who will be outsiders, they will not be helping.  {Just my opinion}


We will still stand with God's Guidance --for our work.

Our Horse Holiday VISION, has been realized, and that needed time 
involvement and documentation, have been to explore and protect

the possibilities for our 'Personal Service' Program 

--we can all believe in and respect.  
We also contend that our Horse Holiday Programs

would serve within the 'DYNAMICS of our

H.H. 5-WAY-WIN agenda.
Have a GREAT DAY, and hope to meet you one day!

Rose Foreman


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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}