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          Fresh Start --Class Three

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you learn SAFETY & SURVIVAL techniques, so you can minimize your fears --by knowing what to expect, and how to conquer any mis-step or awkward movement, before you take a fall or cause someone else to have a mishap. Learn how horses behave when in a group or following in line on a path through the woods.  Learn to be aware, and how to respond to different situations.

Approaching any obstacle can cause alarm --in the horse as well as in the rider.  Decisions have to be made, and timing is everything.  Being determined, to direct the horse --with confidence is vital if and when there's an issue of emergency that can mean a lack of time to get past that obstacle or situation so you can get the necessary help you may need, so we have to learn just how to get this job done --even if you are scared!  You might have to bluff your way through it and learn to do it wisely!  Time may be of essence. So you must learn it well.

This is the lady who is afraid of heights, so we must allow the situation to be felt, and worked out slowly, so the learning is also observed by the other riders who are ready to cheer her on --but know better than to add insult to this situation so not to spook the horse --in any way.  There's alot going on here.  She is in good balance so there's no need at the moment to assist.  Let her try to handle it herself!

The horse tries to turn away, and the rider's balance is tested.  The real test is right now!  She will panic and loose composure, or she will take charge of the situation, and right now it seems that her fear has turned to determination --not anger, and she WILL get the job done. Her arms are still low --not raised in fear!  It looks like she is about to be in total control now.  This has become a real argument between the two of them.

She remembers to grab the mane to help stay stable on the horse, while she tries to continue turning the horse to face the obstacle.  Perfect for someone who is afraid of heights.  It seems she is going to win now, and without any sign of panic, so we let her continue until she got the horse across the stream.  BRAVO.  She did it!  She actually BROKE THROUGH HER FEARS, and felt no need to return for her trail ride --class four, because she got what she came for.  She conquered her fear.  Now she saved coming the 120 miles to get to us.  I think she just needed to unwind and relax after what she had accomplished.  We have her comments for these three days and they are great.


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