To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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             Fresh Start --Class Four

Needless to say, we will be using a saddle today as we discuss what it's all about when riding cross-country or along the country roads to get to trails.  Lots to learn, so we allow the attempts to try to saddle-up!

After describing the saddle and how it fits the horse and why, we discuss the parts and a comfortable fit.  Then it is time for our students to place the saddle on the horse.  We allow them their freedom, to see how they respond to being on their own in this task.  It can be interesting how this goes.  Just let it happen until there might be a question in the minds and behavior of the one putting that saddle on --in the first place!  Hopefully they will notice what is wrong before the others do.

She realizes she will be facing the tail of the horse --and not his head.  We always allow errors --until it shows itself to the client.student --as long as it will not get them hurt in any way.  We love watching the expressions when  they actually realize what they have done.  Then they will back-track it in their mind and behavior to understand how easy it is to make a simple mistake.  This is a good memory for many years to come, and without shame, just a humerous event we can all laugh about because it could happen to anyone. Learning can also be fun.

You must learn what to expect when wandering on trails or in the woods.  Dropping limbs, critters, slippery situations, holes or downed trees.  streams, bolders, fence wire, etc etc. What about distances from the other horses? Unexpected situations, like a kicking horse?  Awareness is critical.  Driveways, mailboxes, fence, approaching obctacles or vehicles. safe footing, traffic & bridges.  You must learn what is the safest thing to do --since your life is up on a horse, and everyone else may not care there's a person on that animal that might get in their way.  There are lots of unexpected situations waiting for you, that could cause you or your horse harm.

With the education you get on the third class -'SAFETY & SURVIVAL'  you will be ready to ride with others, however, after about five more trailrides, and your eyes now opening to all that could happen out there, it will soon be time to be more able to ride alone --in the wonderland of exquisite scenery and wonder, at what a wonderful world we have to live in, away from all the turmoil and conflicts that you may have left behind.  You can now seek PEACE from within, and you can do so in

                               'controlled safety' --for many years to come!

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