To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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         Horse Sense & Sensibility

Horse Sense and Sensibility!

Therapeutic Overview from: 

ONLY ONE-HALF–A COMPLETE version of our FIRST CLASS. [4 hrs.]

 Leada Lentz R.N., L.S.W., R.Ac.

Registered Acupuncturist in York, Pa.

1.  Horse sense and sensibility--in the process of listening to Rose's observations about how I was sitting on the horse, and directions on how to do that better, I became more aware of both myself and the horse.  In listening to Rose explain how horses express themselves, I became more aware of the horse, and myself.

2.  I came with intellectual knowledge about therapeutic riding programs and excitement that there was one here in York County, and interest in how I could help with the program.  I left with the awareness that this program as it is structured is a complete experience for body, mind, and emotions, and as such needs nothing but time and space for the experiential awareness to become integrated into the participant.

3. There is enough individuality within the multiple facets of interaction between rider and horse and coach to reach the needs of a varied population.

4.  People will self select themselves for this program.  Those with no interest in horses will not come.  Anyone with an interest in getting closer to these collections of opposing forces (speed-stillness, explosive force-gentleness) that outweigh them by a factor of 10 or 20 and yet will respond to their requests, will come away with a sense of both mastery and cooperation that is hard to find in our present either/or world.

      5. I've had many years experience in health care as a R.N. and an L.S.W.  I chose to leave the main stream to become an acupuncturist because underneath psychotherapy and disease management lies the life energy of the individual which determines how much that individual can benefit from the interventions of psychotherapy and medical care. Acupuncture can touch and build that energy so that other modalities can then become more effective.  So does participating in Horse Holiday Programs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      6 .Leada's comment to me, after considering being a participant as a part of the program:  "I can't do it! Whatever I would contribute to your program would only be a distraction to what you are already doing.  Your program is so total, --so complete from within, --that you do not need me. You are using relaxation,  breathing, and a type of yoga as well.   All your program needs is time, to be recognized."

That TIME is NOW!  We found our audience.

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