To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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   CUTTING EDGE Program--?

 How we stay on --that Cutting Edge! 
 It is continually amazing to us as we see how our 'gifted program' works with clients' who seek to ride, but just want and need attention and understanding.  While applying gained knowledge, we recognize how we parallel so many therapeutic methods or techniques, like 'emotional freedom therapy' (EFT).  This was the newly acclaimed therapy that's got so much attention for healing the emotions and relieving negativity in a short time.  We see many similarities in our overall approach to healing and teaching to 'getting the junk out'.  

KNOW --most clients get through the 'Fresh Start' Program in 4 -4 hr. sessions.  Those with deep issues may take weeks or months to get through class 1 or 2, and we may even alter the process to help them recover from what has been affecting them in the first place. 


In this case, we work very privately, and they must believe they are walking --BEFORE we can convince them to simply 'crawl through their issues' --to even start making any progress with them.


According to the client, this can take a long  time.   And --YES we have several stories to back up what our clients have gone through and conquered.  NO details released!


We are also familiar with accupressure and accupuncture.

As the founder, I was in need of this service in 1994 when circumstance was overwhelming.  I was introduced to Giovanni Pescetto from Columbia Maryland who offered his services freely, as he heard --how many people I had personally helped. Actually, Giovanni saved my life.

When you are on the forefront, where do you go for help?  
Thank God for his help.  I know he was sent to us!
What I experienced was a 'peeling away' of many layers of 'bound-up stagnant energy' that imprisoned me.  I could not free myself.  
Giovanni helped me to loosen one layer at a time. Until the day came when I felt like my back just poured out onto the table -like a pot of 'warm fudge'.  I felt my body totally relax as my body 'spread' onto the table. 
In our continuing program study, we recognize the energies within the body (both horse and human), outside the body, and any 'disturbed energy' --causing stressed areas, therefore causing a type of actual emotional blockage.  
This also applies to an emotionally abused horse I worked with --'Falcon Maze', who went from doom to later becoming a Grand Pri Show jumper --in Florida.
We have since been naturally applying the same information and technique to our clients --for many years.

I too have learned that it isn't those memories that we constantly draw to us.  It's that 'excuse we use' for not knowing the correct answer to our own issues.  We really need to find and ask the right questions! We still want to do it over in actually, [to get it right 'this time'] and that only adds to our stress.

We also have difficulty finding how to release those memories or burdens that we have chosen to hold on to.  This is just 'added baggage' that only builds a wall we place around ourselves to imprison us.  This is also a cop-out --just another reason to hide that 'other reason or issue' --to not face the true hidden, underlying issue or situation.

The Program --offers the peeling away of those 'issues' a wonderful help for release.  It is absolutely painless, and you DO NOT have to go into that memory, other than to simply recognize it was there. Once you work on that awareness, you will simply continue with the program --as it is structured, so that negative energy is simply released.  IT's dropped! Defused! There is no real need for any exercise other than to now work at your riding, relaxation, and continued awareness of your body, mind, and spirit, and a new found 'energy flow' we encourage by our introduction to the natural horse, natural riding, and a natural rhythm. 
LEARNING TO MOVE in natural cooperation with such a magnificent animal (the horse), helps us to 'loosen the shells' we carry around us, to jiggle them loose, so any internal issues can actually --simply --fall away.  
You will accept those shells or 'tree bark' that's been holding you together, holding you back without detail.  You will make the conscious decision to drop or disrobe them.  It's like dropping the towel, and we're not ashamed to do so. We are only exposing ourselves --to our self, without details.
ONCE WE GET YOU TO THAT 'SPECIAL PLACE' --where you are aware and you can make those decisions, the layers just start dropping, one at a time.  With each dropping we disrobe another layer of our past emotional baggage.  We feel an immediate release as if weight came off our shoulders. We feel lighter, happier, and often all kind of pain --just leaves.


WE HAVE ALSO NOTICED, as Dr Salvo states, that pain can be psychosomatic, with no real cause other than painful memories. The pain moves from one body part to another until the core issue is discovered, and released.  WE BELIEVE --the brain is protecting us.  We sub-consciously plant that wish to the brain, to be mind-full, to not have anymore bad memories, or issues, so they get hidden deeply within.  That is why they are still there.  We program ourselves, and it is God's will that the brain protect us. YET--still deeply carrying those issues, we continue to pile them up with more 'don't-wanna-remembers'.  Therefore, they develop layers, just like the bark of the old oak tree, in the form of ANOTHER ISSUE --or imaginary pain.   
FOUNDER, --"I felt like that  OLD OAK TREE --with about 8" of tree back around me, holding me up, just holding me together.  Those layers were getting 'brittle' with piled up emotion.  The tree was about to fall.  That tree was ME."
--for working with many types of clients with individual needs, backgrounds and expectation. What they received was so much more than they dreamed. God has also Gifted ALL OF US with a learned (yet sometimes forgotten) 'intuitive' ability to heal from within, and we pass this along to you with our program content.  
To learn our program, and to teach/coach another person or horse, you can 'cut and paste' the program content to fit a particular individual's need.  They may not even need the entire program.
  As we bare our emotional selves, we are re-introduced to pure honesty with humility. Only then can we finally start moving forward -with a much lighter load.  This time it's with love, compassion, and JOY!
LEARN OUR PROGRAMS, to help people (and horses) to heal, through learning, knowing, and understanding
        --the natural horse!    


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