To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

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      Our 'At-Risk Youth' Program

Since starting our Fresh Start Program in 1980-1982, we have seen lives change.  How and why is this possible?  Fresh Start is an answer to my Prayer --"What do people need to hear?" That goes for all people –including those ‘Youth at Risk’ as well.

I was gifted the opportunity to work with a group from an AT-RISK Program for teens [not named for privacy issues] who have been in difficult situations, and were having trouble in their school situations.

We simply worked with their energy first, and then directed them in what would be necessary –if they wanted to be working with horses, with the possibility of learning to ride them.

What came next was surprising, as the energies shifted, and they wanted to be seen in a better light because they really wanted to make a better appearance –so they could ride --whenever that opportunity arrived.

Relationships developed, and at first --trust seemed tested, yet we were totally open to trying to understand their own individual situations, and their classmates were helpful in helping us better understand them and their situations. This became an eye-opener, as their stories were conveyed.

Yes, we could also see who would never work out well in this program, because of their wandering eye, looking for whatever they thought they could benefit from if that something became missing, so we found reason to keep them at a distance from simple availability, or should we say temptation. They were eliminated because they would have had a negative impact on the others in the group. We watched very carefully –until we felt we had a proper working group that would truly benefit from each other in our work.

‘Fresh Start’ Program works wonders with at risk youth & teen who need an outlet and something to experience their inner feelings.  They now have a challenge and the rewards speak for themselves as they get the responses from the horses that give them a sense of winning something they have needed and have not had for sometime.

Self esteem.  True friendship.  Sharing in learning something new. 

Pride in accomplishments.

Something they could continue with over a lifetime, that presents

‘a new kind of friendship’, where something personal is gained.

Experiencing something much larger then themselves, that they want to conquer, and knowing they had to learn with caution, or get hurt, because they are larger and more powerful then them.


IF you desire working with at-risk youth

–perhaps at your own facility, we will help you understand how our Fresh Start Program --with all it’s opportunities can work with

At-Risk Youth and Teen.



TEXT 717-462-8535 for more information.

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At-Risk Youth Program.


There are many who need our help,

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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}