To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others! 

Based in:
South Central Pennsylvannia

Shippensburg  17257

near Chambersburg, Pa.


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--With EQ and EI we learn & teach without PILLS!


Discover the gifts of spirit with the horse --to help reduce stress that aids in our personal healing, with the intriguing involvement and one of man's greatest companions --the 'natural horse' --un'trained' by humans!  Learn to start living 'outside the box' that inhibits our personal growth!

 STQuantumHorsemanship  [2004]

Artificial Intelligence-- or EQ?

Through Spirituality and those Quantum aspects of higher consciousness, we recognize our search finding the 'Universal Connections' with understanding and healing at any level --from that special  'WHISPER ON THE WIND'!   Then, our hearts are warmed with more love and greater joy.  Sharing from within --releases  

Past  Traumatic  Stress & Turmoil,

                      so constant oversight --limit us --no more!    


Soft Touch/'Fresh Start' -Gifted from a Prayer: " Please tell us what people need to hear!" Our intriguing guided self-exploration program has been changing lives since 1981-'82.  

AGAINST ALL ODDS we're faced in horsemanship, to being placed in 'A BOX' of regulation, restrictions, rules, & 'look alike' riding FORMS.  There are many disciplines offending a horse's natural freedom of movement -without consideration to their structure and physical ability.  We seek to explore both the horse & human's natural skills. WHY CONFORM to anything.

Work with Nature --first!  Learn to ride naturally, so you can take better care of yourself with

: Communication   Coordination  Confidence  & Control 

-including:  Safety and Survival Skills

to protect you, the horse, and riding companions as well.  That's how we're different!

We simply want you to 'Get the truth about this relationship'.

Our 'Fresh Start' Program offers insight, eliminates overwhelm and release with often amusing reality hits!  

We still laugh and are inspired at what happens on those days with the horse when learning.  We are making memories!




Websites til reorganized.


Sometimes we are faced with issues that seem to limit us, in health, wealth, family, situations, misunderstandings, or memories. To have an opportunity to re-make a situation --can be freeing.  Our attitudes can also be warped into thinking we are done-for, without a possible escape.  To be able to get a different take a situation can sometimes show us that even more possiblilites, perhaps in finding a different way.  However, we are not always our own victor.                   Sometimes we are victim to another's behavior and failure seems our doom, once again.     

When we receive another perspective or outlook --due to situations that may have occurred, we learn to live with a more open eye, that higher form of intelligence [EI] to see things as they really are.  That also can be very freeing, by learning to NOT LIVE --in a BOX --that others create for us!!


Finding my way --as 'Rose at the Barn'

A young life --filled with confusion, born a  'twinless twin. My brother didn't make it.  I felt so alone without love, wishing, wanting, doubting, and needing. At age 7-9, that          'Miracle of the Brightest Light' --that MIRACLE of Love --in the cedar trees, would lead me, to always know my 'Heavenly Father'.  A near death experience [NDE] at age 17 [with a 105.5 temperature from viral pneumonia] and the question came --to live or die.  I chose life.  Then, I saw my entire life flash before my eyes, frame by frame.  Life was never the same, and:

'My Deepest Most Profound Personal Search' [1980-1982]

for what was missing never stopped, until I was given this intriging task in 1995



 2016 finally found our niche due to our ethics,

with our 5-WAY-WIN

and desires to not be a label a 'business' that  leaves --much to be desired, because: THIS is God's program --not mine.  Rose Foreman --CO-Founder.




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Rose M. Foreman, Founder/Program Designer/Coordinator/ Copy writes 1980 Horse Holiday Org.[Faith-Based}